Researcher Calls Links of Plant-Based Diet to Cancer Risk

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Tumors are the main target in treatment cancer and some studies show diet can inhibit growth. Plant foods, for example, are well known for their anticancer effects. However, the findings of a new study suggest some dietary habit Vegetables can be harmful to health. A new scientific discovery has challenged the belief … Read more

Be alert, here are signs of cancer symptoms that appear on the face

KLIKMATARAM – Symptoms cancer on the body is sometimes neglected. Though, there are at least more than 200 signs cancer. Because symptoms it can sometimes be disguised to make someone tend to ignore it. Don’t get me wrong, the only warning sign cancer it appears in the area face. Also Read: Watch the RANS Nusantara … Read more

Simple 60-second Noah’s Ark Language Test Can Tell If Your Headache Is A Brain Tumor

A SIMPLE 60 second test could tell if a person’s headache is caused by a brain tumor. One of the many signs of a brain tumor, headaches can often be resolved until the disease progresses. 1 But a simple language test, devised by researchers at the University of Edinburgh, could diagnose brain tumors earlier. It … Read more

Shazza on cancer: “The disease is on the verge of a pandemic”

Now, in an interview with “Super Express”, she told how she found out about the disease: – My disease appeared on the verge of a pandemic, which was a difficult time for all of us. For me, additionally, because the treatment came, so I had to be especially careful. It was then that I underwent … Read more

What is dostarlimab? Experimental cancer drug makes tumor disappear in ALL study participants

In a recent experiment, a drug was found to cure any rectal cancer patient with minimal side effects in a study conducted at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). “I believe this is the first time in cancer history that this has happened,” said Dr. Luis Diaz of MSKCC and author of the paper published … Read more

Marshanda Idap Breast Tumor, Apply These 4 Lifestyles To Help Prevent It : Okezone Lifestyle

TUMOR breast become a disease that is discussed after a beautiful artist Marshanda diagnosed with it. Marshanda himself is struggling to undergo treatment in Singapore. Until now the exact cause of breast tumors is not known. Only a few factors increase the risk of developing breast tumors, most often genetics and now an unhealthy lifestyle. … Read more

Exercise Makes the Life Chances of Pancreatic Cancer Patients Higher, Reduces Tumor Growth

North Sulawesi portal – Exercising, such as brisk walking, swimming, running, or cycling, can reduce growth tumor. Sufferer cancer of the pancreasfor example, those who exercise regularly, are more likely to live longer than patients who do not exercise. Thus the results of research from scientists from New York University which was published online recently. … Read more

Liquid biopsy may better predict response to immunotherapy in lung cancer patients than tumor biopsy

Mount Sinai researchers have validated for the first time that a simple blood test called a liquid biopsy may be a better predictor of a lung cancer patient’s response to immunotherapy than an invasive biopsy procedure. of the tumour. Their study was published in the journal Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research in June. … Read more

American intelligence confirms: Putin has cancer

There have been discussions about Putin’s health for weeks. Information about the alleged illnesses of the Russian president is constantly appearing in the media space. Now, however, American intelligence seems to confirm some of the rumors. Putin began to appear in public again after undergoing treatment in April. The American interview was to establish that … Read more