Is it solid, liquid or gas? The physical state of tissues and tumors can be quickly identified using optical “fingerprints”. »Brinkwire

The difference between meteors and meteorites can be seen from various sides. Indeed, these terms are very similar in terms of language. But the two have very clear differences, especially from their characteristics. Most people call shooting stars for the phenomenon of meteors floating in space. Though the object is a stone that has various … Read more

“Personally, I announce at least 3-4 patients a week that they have cancer and at least 10 patients that they have tumors.” Revelations about ruthless disease, behind the door of the oncologist’s office, Vadim Ghervas, about ruthless disease

The oncologist says that, as for the myths related to heart cancer, it does not exist. From a doctor’s perspective, how do you tell a man that he has cancer? “Interesting question, if I try to get closer to the people. A code of ethics, a code of communication exists. The first, and what I … Read more

Terminal stage of cancer: A new treatment capable of destroying tumors discovered in Royau

It is a beacon of hope for many terminally ill cancer patients. Researchers from the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in London, UK, found that the combination of two immunotherapy drugs could reduce the size of tumors in terminally ill patients with certain cancers including brain and throat … Read more

A new treatment can destroy cancerous tumors in the neck and head in terminally ill patients. The experience of a 77-year-old patient

In a study, a cocktail of immunotherapy drugs used patients’ immune systems to kill cancer cells and increased survival, researchers at the Cancer Research Institute (ICR) in London and Royal said. Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. Barry Ambrose, a 77-year-old study participant, was diagnosed with neck cancer in 2017 and was told that it had already … Read more

STUDY A new cancer treatment destroys tumors in terminally ill patients

In a baseline study, a cocktail of immunotherapy drugs used patients’ immune systems to destroy their own cancer cells and determined “a positive trend in survival,” according to researchers at the Institute for Cancer Research (ICR). ) from London and from the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. One patient, who was expected to die four … Read more

More and more Italian scientists are working on the protein that inhibits tumors and Alzheimer’s

If on a daily basis our editorial staff takes care of informing readers with articles on health, the merit is also of scientific research. And the Italian one occupies great importance. Our researchers and scientists are truly sought after and appreciated overseas. Testimony is given by the very recent Nobel Prize in Physics to the … Read more

The corona vaccine works well during the treatment of solid tumors

This is shown by research by UMC Groningen, Erasmus MC and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek in Amsterdam The corona vaccine is safe and effective in most patients with a solid tumor who are treated with immunotherapy, chemotherapy or a combination thereof. This is the result of research by UMC Groningen, Erasmus MC and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek … Read more

Vaccination against coronavirus works well during solid tumor treatment

“It is very important for cancer patients and their practitioners worldwide to know that they can be vaccinated against corona during their treatment and that this vaccination is safe,” says Liesbeth de Vries, professor of Medical Oncology at the UMCG and research leader of the VOICE- study (Vaccination against covid In Cancer). A total of … Read more

Be careful in the bathroom because the feces of this form could be a sign of 2 alarming tumors

When it comes to health, the little things can make all the difference. Noticing even the details of what we do or what happens to us can allow us to discover and treat serious diseases in time. A clear example is the symptoms. Some are really common and for this reason we tend not to … Read more