Dave Grohl tells his best stories – Kurt Cobain’s turtle drove him crazy

– Kurt Cobain’s turtle drove him mad The rock star writes in his autobiography about how he went hungry before he came to nirvana – and about secret agents in the bushes. Andreas Kunz Published: 10/30/2021, 9:35 pm From school dropout to the biggest band in the world: Dave Grohl can hardly believe it to … Read more

The soaring adventures of the Loggerhead Turtle. From Ireland to the Canary Islands

In 2019, a young loggerhead turtle exhausted by hypothermia was found on an Irish beach, which was probably kidnapped by a sea current and carried by it to hostile waters and land The animal went to the aquarium, where it was convalescing, waiting to be moved to the Canary Islands so that it could develop … Read more

Lavrinovich animals: non-flying turtles, rescued cats, strange breed dogs | Names

The Lavrinovičiai brothers told about their animals to the LNK show “Gyvūnų pasaulis”, which will be released on Saturday at 17:55. “We have had a bitch Sofia for 5 years. We’ve always had animals, but some come, others come out, as you can, you know. Now I have Maltip, a poodle mixed with a Maltese … Read more

Two-Headed Turtle Found, Very Rare!

Baby turtle. (Pixabay/271277) Hitekno.com – The experts were surprised to find a two -headed turtle which is very rare. This animal was found while exploring a beach in South Carolina, United States, Finding turtle The two-headed animal was shared on the South Carolina State Parks Facebook page, after workers and volunteers conducted an inventory at … Read more

Turtle Beach Recon Controller for Xbox is now available for pre-order

Audio innovation with game control The brand new Turtle Beach Recon Controller was developed for the Xbox and is the first controller to combine the brand’s characteristic audio innovations with game-changing controls. On the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, gamers can connect any wired headset with a standard 3.5mm audio interface and … Read more

this is what you are seeing – Libero Quotidiano

An absurd, gruesome story, even if you want a little violent. But absolutely true. It all comes from Germany, where some fishermen found a five-foot catfish in Lake Kiessee’s Göttingen. And so far so good. Videos on this topic The strangeness, however, was due to the size of the specimen, deformed, enlarged. What happened? The … Read more

Hebdo Games : Xbox Series X, Rocket Arena, Destiny 2, Turtle Beach, … (Mobiles, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One)

A very calm week. We still offer a release period for the Xbox Series X, events on Rocket Arena and Destiny 2, new Turtle Beach headsets, among others … Xbox Series X Here’s some bad news: Halo Infinite (FPS – PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X – Xbox Game Studios – 343 Industries) is postponed … Read more