Storm Vamco heads to regions already hit by Super Typhoon Goni earlier this month – Philippines

The Philippines is bracing for a new storm heading into regions already hit by Super Typhoon Goni earlier this month, carrying out evacuations on Wednesday. The Philippine Meteorological Office predicts that Storm Vamco, known locally as Ulysses, will bring damaging winds and heavy torrential rains this week to provinces on the main island of Luzon, … Read more

The most intense tropical cyclone of 2020: Super Typhoon Goni

Francisco Martin Leon 3 hours ago 6 min Infrared images of Super Typhoon Goni in the western Pacific Ocean for October 31, 2020 and track. CIMSS While the Atlantic has had a more active season than normal in 2020, the Western Pacific basin has been very quiet. But at the end of October 2020 it … Read more

The ‘natural beast’ forms, the most powerful super typhoon Goni of 2020

Manila, Philippines The super typhoon Goni that was formed in the last hours in the Pacific Ocean is approaching and going directly towards Philippines, according to the local meteorological office. According to reports, Typhoon Goni is now a super typhoon and its winds are expected to reach 249 kilometers per hour. It is expected that … Read more

Philippines.- Typhoon ‘Molave’ kills at least 16 as it passes through the Philippines

MADRID, 29 Oct. (EUROPA PRESS) – At least 16 people have died and several thousand people have been evacuated from their homes by the passage of Typhoon ‘Molave’ through the Philippine archipelago, which faces the arrival of a new tropical storm. Goni, which has become a severe tropical storm, will intensify its intensity when it … Read more

The strange behavior of tropical storm Chan-hom

Francisco Martin Leon 10 Oct Infrared image of the tropical cyclone as of October 10, 2020 13:30 UTC. CIMSS Tropical Storm Chan-hom was an intense typhoon in the Western Pacific when it was south of the Japanese coasts and is moving along the eastern coasts of Japan in areas of relatively cool waters and in … Read more

Typhoon Chan-hom leaves torrential rains and thousands of evacuees in Japan – Telemundo Washington DC (44)

TOKYO .- Typhoon Chan-hom approached the eastern coast of Japan this Saturday, where it has left torrential rainfall and a dozen canceled domestic flights, in addition to causing the evacuation of several thousand citizens in the most affected areas. Typhoon number 14 of the season in the Pacific moved between the day before and the … Read more

Kim Jong Un praises North Korean soldiers as builders of a fairy tale

PYONGYANG, – Leader North Korea Kim Jong Un praise army North Korea for their swift efforts to develop the affected areas typhoon and flood. The praise was hurled by Kim as reported by the government media KCNA on Tuesday (15/9/2020). Reporting from The Straits TimesTuesday, Kim visited North Hwanghae Province, in the south of … Read more

Super Typhoon Haishen leaves Japan, 440,000 homes without power | NOW

Super typhoon Haishen left Japan on Monday morning and is on its way to the coast of South Korea. 440,000 homes are without power and 32 people have been injured. In South Korea, a thousand people have been evacuated so far. Haishen brings gusts of wind of 144 kilometers per hour to the South Korean … Read more