A Lithuanian’s journey to Belarus ended with long years in the dictator’s prison: he ended up there for a very unexpected reason

“With Belarus supporting Russia’s large-scale military aggression in Ukraine and adding Lithuania and other EU countries to the list of countries unfriendly to Belarus, Foreign Office recommends citizens of the Republic of Lithuania not to travel to Belarus, and urges Lithuanian citizens currently in Belarus to leave the country”, such a recommendation for travelers can … Read more

BigHit Caught Placing TXT Ads on YouTube Indonesia, Unexpected Korean Netizen Reaction!

KPOPCHART.NET – Agency BIGHIT MUSIC was recently caught having placed a YouTube advert for his “Sugar Rush Ride” music video TXT. As fans know, TXT just did comeback them with the music video for “Sugar Rush Ride”. “Sugar Rush Ride” is the main song title of mini album their fifth titled “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION”. … Read more

“Wearable Bead Cushion” Unexpected Commercialization “It Can’t Sell” Many Oppositions Within the Company … Manufacturer Surprised by Unexpected Popularity: J-CAST News[Full text]

A product that can be worn with bead cushions, “wearable bead cushions,” is attracting attention. It is said that you can sit and roll while wearing a round and firm cushion. On Twitter, it became a hot topic due to the visuals when wearing it, and surprised voices such as “Why did you decide to … Read more

Warning “smoky snacks” put “liquid nitrogen” risk of unexpected danger.

From the case “Indonesian government” warned that children were found sick after eating liquid nitrogen snacks. By following the clip of eating sweets and blowing white smoke out of the mouth, the FDA is concerned, asking them to avoid eating, touching or inhaling liquid nitrogen directly. riskyunexpectedly On the side, Dr. Witit Saritdeechaikul, Deputy Secretary-General … Read more

Regarding Bulgaria, Ukraine made a very unexpected decision: what did Kyiv come up with?

This text is the author’s work of Radio Free Europe.Living under war conditions since 2014 and suffering almost a year of Russian invasion, Ukrainians and their unyielding President Volodymyr Zelensky, in addition to fierce battles in eastern Ukraine, are fighting hard for international support. The diplomatic stakes are particularly high in countries like Bulgaria, whose … Read more

Unexpected death in Ukraine! “You are in our hearts forever”

21.01.2023 20:43 News Source: DHA Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski shared the image from the funeral and said, “Thank you for your important and valuable work for the benefit of Ukraine. You are in our hearts forever.” Ruslan Stefanchuk, Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, who attended the funeral, said in his message, “It is very difficult… … Read more

Unexpected twist at Šafářová because of Matraga: Plekanec is puffing with pride

Lucie Šafářová she is among the admirers of the fashion designer Blank Matragi (69), which is known for its dresses with natural motifs and colors, in which women appear almost magical. She dressed the former tennis star in a dark green dress resembling a large emerald. In them, Lucia stood out not only with her … Read more

Resident Evil 5 noticed unexpected activity after 5 years of silence. The developers are preparing something

Resident Evil 5 to this day can generate interest and become an occasion for heated debate in the fan community Players in Resident Evil 5 noticed that the SteamDB service registered some activity. It looks like the developers are up to something. From Resident Evil 5’s page SteamDB show several test branches. Judging by other … Read more

Peach New Players Group & Persija Jakarta’s Unexpected Recruitment

Persik overhauled the composition of their players, while Persija is ready to polish a forgotten name. Persik Kediri introduced a line of their new players this week, both to fill the quota for foreign players and local names. It can be said that the White Tigers are indeed very much improving with their less encouraging … Read more