7 Unexpected Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, What Are?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Apple cider vinegar is a drink made from fermented apple cider which is popular in the community because it has many benefits for the body. In addition to healthHowever, apple cider vinegar has other uses. So what are the benefits? apple cider vinegar? ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME CONTENT Apple cider vinegar … Read more

Astronomers discover the unexpected origin of a fast radio burst

Scientific exploit reveals new data from fast radio bursts 1:13 (CNN) — More than 15 years after fast radio bursts were discovered, new research has revealed and deepened the mystery of the sources of these deep space phenomena. Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, are bright, powerful emissions of radio waves that range from a fraction … Read more

Zelensky’s advisor Arestovyčius commented on Alla Pugačiva’s unexpected statement about the war: Putin has become a parody of a prima donna

Oleksijus Arestovyčius, adviser to the administration of the President of Ukraine, also spoke about Al Pugačiova, her role in Russia and her words about the war. Mark Feigin: Let’s talk about Alas Pugacheva. What kind of opinions do you have to hear? Some talk about it being a significant statement that hit the top ten … Read more

“Being here today was unexpected”: Six years after the death of her baby, Ciena, at the nursery, Larissa attends the trial of childcare workers

The Charleroi Criminal Court announced on Wednesday morning the postponement of the case concerning the death of a three and a half month old baby at the Dourlet crèche in Charleroi in May 2016. Two of the three childcare workers, prosecuted for not providing assistance to anyone in danger, were present in court. A timetable … Read more

Unexpected twist: an American released after 23 years in prison following the broadcast of a podcast

A US judge on Monday overturned the conviction of a man held for 23 years for a murder he has always denied, a case at the heart of the worldwide hit podcast “Serial”. Adnan Syed, 42, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2000 for the murder of his former girlfriend Hae Min Lee in Baltimore, … Read more

The unexpected and deleterious effect of grapefruit on drugs

Par Soline Roy Posted yesterday at 11:56, Update yesterday at 1:14 p.m. None of this makes grapefruit growers laugh. Svetlana Farafonova/Adobe Stock HISTORY OF MEDICINE – In wanting to study the effects of alcohol on an antihypertensive drug, Canadian researchers made a surprising discovery. Science is like love: sometimes you find what you weren’t looking … Read more

30 minutes after entering the bride, a reckless groom ends his life in a very ugly and unexpected way, turning her head gray

2022/09/18 It’s 03:50 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite An Egyptian groom ended his life 30 minutes after the end of the wedding ceremony, in the Badrashin area of ​​Giza. Investigations indicated that a young man committed suicide in the bathroom after stabbing himself several times, intending to end his life. In the details, the … Read more

Miss Peru Alessia Rovegno and her unexpected reaction in front of cameras against Hugo García for saying “pretty”: “You say that about all of them” VIDEO FARANDULA | SHOWS

Oops! During an interview for ‘Estas en Todos’, Hugo García narrated how he approached Alessia Rovegno; However, the model had an unexpected reaction while her partner praised her beauty. READ ALSO: Korina Rivadeneira went with a ‘bamba bag’ to a Louis Vuitton event, according to Magaly Medina: “What a shame” “A friend recorded a video … Read more

Carlos Espejel revealed an unexpected detail of Luis Miguel’s past

Carlos Espejel during the Mario Moreno Cantinflas exhibition in 2011 in Mexico City. (Photo by Pablo Salazar/Clasos.com/LatinContent via Getty Images) MEXICO CITY, September 16 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Luis Miguel is undoubtedly one of the most recognized singers in Mexicobut his career and his successes have also crossed borders and today many people consider him one of … Read more

No one wants to experience broken brakes. Few people know how to behave properly in an unexpected situation – Autozine

It is a big risk to drive on the road without working brakes. But even if they are visually and technically fine, a sudden problem can appear. The brake pedal is depressed and there is minimal or no braking force. How to stop the car in such a case? There are several options. Look for … Read more