7 People Killed at Birthday Party Shooting Brutal

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – A gunman let go shot brutally at a birthday party in Colorado, United States, Sunday (9/5). Six people died in the incident, while the perpetrators committed suicide. The shooting was discovered after Colorado Springs police drove to the scene after receiving an emergency call from a mobile home park. There police … Read more

Prospective US Army School Bus Hijackers Are Even Frustrated by Questions Children Ask

Prospective soldiers hijack a school bus in South Carolina, Thursday (6/5/2021). (Source: NBC News) SOUTH CAROLINA, KOMPAS.TV – An armed United States (US) army candidate hijacks a school bus full of children. The piracy incident occurred in South Carolina, Thursday (6/5/2021) local time. The perpetrator was identified as Jovan Collazo hijacked the bus, before dropping … Read more

Thrilling, Circulating Video Sighting of a Chinese Rocket Burning and Falling to Earth

THE MIND OF THE PEOPLE – The debris of the Chinese Long March B5 rocket was reported to have crashed on Earth, to be precise in the Maldives or in southwest India and Sri Lanka. According to a Reuters report, the 30 meter section of the rocket became one of the largest pieces of space … Read more

China Takes Over Countries in Africa After Controlling Several Sectors, Now Building Military Bases

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – After lending a lot of money and making a number of countries in Africa depend on him, now China took over a number of those countries. Apart from controlling the economic sector, China also control the infrastructure of these countries. Even now China started building a military base. The vast military complex appears … Read more

China Requests UN Not to Attend Event in Germany, What’s Up?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Chinese government asked members of the United Nations (UN) not to attend any of the events organized by Germany, the United States and Britain next week. The agenda for the event discussed the persecution of Uighur Muslims and minorities in Xinjiang. “This is a politically motivated event, we ask your … Read more

Hot UN Security Council Meeting, the US Called Russia and China Triggering Global Chaos

loading… NEW YORK – Meeting UN Security Council (DK) lasts hot. Minister of Foreign Affairs (Menlu) United States of America (US) engages in a war of words with its triot of China and Russia . The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, got into a debate with his Russian and Chinese counterparts during a UN … Read more

[사진] Yoon Yeo-jung’Careful Entry’-Money Today

<div id="article" style="overflow:initial;" data-aticeno="2021050806068277035" data-title="[사진] Yeojung Yoon "data-articlewriter="News 1 provided" data-articlecategory=" “> <!– 뉴스1 제공 –> News 1 provided 2021.05.08 06:10 (Incheon Airport = News 1) Reporter Kim Jin-hwan = Actor Yoon Yeo-jeong, who received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the first time as a Korean actor, is entering Korea through Terminal … Read more

Regarded as equating Chinese students with dogs, the US embassy received criticism

loading… BEIJING – Embassy United States of America (US) at China reaping criticism after posts related to visas for students in the Bamboo Curtain country backfired. The US diplomatic mission in China reopened student visa applications after being banned by former President Donald Trump due to the new Coronavirus outbreak. However, the opening got off … Read more

The US supports the proposal to temporarily waive patent protection for COVID-19 vaccines

The decision came under pressure from the international community, with India and other countries facing massive outbreaks of the disease. The US has so far opposed in the World Trade Organization (WTO) a proposal to suspend the protection of intellectual property aimed at boosting vaccine production worldwide. However, Biden has come under increasing pressure to … Read more

Revealed, Australian General Briefs War with China

loading… CANBERRA – One of the top generals Australia revealed once instructed the kangaroo state team to prepare for the “most likely” war with China . The briefing was given last year and has now leaked to the media. Major General Adam Findlay gave honest and confidential briefings to Australian Special Forces soldiers last year. … Read more