Pentagon Threatened to Run Out of Money for Ukraine

loading… Members of the 24th Mechanized Brigade of King Danylo of the Ukrainian Army fire artillery near Bakhmut, Ukraine, December 3, 2022. Photo/REUTERS/ Leah Millis WASHINGTON – The looming cuts to Pentagon appropriations could cut US military aid to Ukraine, including artillery and ammunition. Politico magazine reported on the matter on Saturday (3/12/2022), citing internal … Read more

The United States’ Most Advanced Bomber Jet

loading… The B-21 Raider is the latest generation of digital bomber jets. Photo/usaf WASHINGTON – The United States (US) is a country with the strongest military. Launching Global Firepower, the United States ranks first in the 2022 Military Strength Ranking with a score of 0.0453. One of the strengths of its defense equipment is the … Read more

USS Abraham Lincoln Nuclear Carrier Specifications

loading… USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier. Photo/REUTERS WASHINGTON – The United States Navy (US) experienced an unpleasant incident on November 29, 2022. Because its proud nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln, caught fire in the southern California region. As a result of this incident, at least 9 US sailors were injured. Despite this, the fire … Read more

Why does the US defend Palestine when Benjamin Netanyahu is Israel’s prime minister again?

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — United States of America warned Israel not to expand its illegal occupation and annexation of the West Bank, Palestine. The statement was made by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in response to the new Israeli government which will again be led by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after his party, Likud, … Read more

Germany is suddenly concerned about plans to buy 35 F-35 stealth fighter jets

loading… Germany is suddenly concerned about its plan to buy 35 units of US-made F-35 stealth fighter jets. Photo/Liz Lutz/Lockheed Martin BERLIN – The German Ministry of Defense suddenly voiced serious concerns about the planned purchase of 35 units stealth fighter jet F-35 made in the United States (US). In fact, Berlin had previously been … Read more

Relations between Saudi Arabia and the US are fractured, Mohammed bin Salman and Xi Jinping are getting stickier

loading… Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit on Tuesday (6/12/2022) at a time when Saudi Arabia and the US are fracturing. Photo/REUTERS RIYADH – Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman preparing to host the president who is also the leader of the Chinese Communist Party … Read more

This is the Russian weapon that most makes America furious, it turns out that the TNI has 20 units

Monday, 5 December 2022 – 05:52 WIB VIVA – Cheap and inferior in terms of technology does not make weapons owned military Russia underestimated by its main competitor, United States of America (US). There is one main tool of the Russian weaponry system (alutsista), which is very feared by Uncle Sam’s fleet. Having a speed … Read more

Made A Sex Slave, This Naked Woman Is Locked In A Dog Cage

loading… United States police rescue naked woman who was beaten and locked in a dog kennel. The victim was used as a sex slave by the suspects. Photo/ AUGUSTA CITY – Police United States of America (USA) had saved a naked woman who was badly beaten. He has been locked up in a dog kennel … Read more

This woman wants to go on an inter-city vacation, but instead flies across countries

Tuxtla – Travel by plane always has a story to tell. This woman, for example, intends to take a vacation between cities instead of flying across countries. Is Marijose Gamboa, a woman from Mexico who has a unique experience riding aircraft you will flyultra low cost airline in Mexico. Reported from The Sun, Marijose flew … Read more

Against Russia, the US Wants to Move the NASAMS Missile System from the Middle East to Ukraine

loading… The United States wants to transfer the NASAMS missile system from Middle Eastern countries to Ukraine to counter the Russian invasion. Photo/Kongsberg WASHINGTON – The United States (US) wants to move a sophisticated missile defense system NASAMS from Middle Eastern countries to Ukraine to fight the invasion Russia . It was delivered chief executive … Read more