Rolls-Royce Cullinan – October 26, 2020

Sighting details I feel like 90% of Cullinans are being sold to the USA, this was one of them. I have seen about as mans Cullinans in 10 days in NYC as I could spot in 2 years in Berlin up until then. This black Cullinan was just entering the 5th Avenue and wasn’t the … Read more

Corona Is in the US Before WHO Announced this Outbreak from Wuhan?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A study revealed that the Corona Covid-19 virus might have spread in Los Angeles (US) before the World Health Organization (WHO) learned of an unusual respiratory disease in Wuhan, China, which was later known as Covid-19. This study was conducted by UCLA and the University of Washington by analyzing medical records … Read more

A joint military exercise between China and Russia will be held, NATO is ready to fight – all pages

Sosok.ID – Just United States of America (US) with the North Atlantic Defense Pact (NATO) held military training of Estonia. Military training this is criticized by Russia because it is very close to its territory. Don’t want to just be quiet Russia then plan military training combined with various countries. One of them is China. … Read more

US Revokes Health Check Rules from Several Countries

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Government United States of America plans to lift the rule of carrying out health checks for international arrivals from several countries at 15 airports amid the pandemic Covid-19. Later, passengers from international flights will only be informed of the risks of traveling amid the Covid-19 pandemic. “Starting September 14, the US … Read more

Trump: Kim Jong Un told me how he killed his uncle

WASHINGTON DC, – Book Rage the work of journalist Bob Woodward wrote President United States of America ( AS) Donald Trump call Kim Jong Un tell him how he killed his own uncle. Woodward’s book has previously revealed comments Trump who underestimated the corona virus, his thoughts on North Korea, racial riots, and a … Read more

Facebook Pays Users to Quit its Network – Facebook.Inc offers compensation of up to 120 US dollars or around Rp 1.7 million (the rupiah exchange rate at the time this news was written) for Facebook network users and Instagram who are willing to deactivate (deactive) their account at the end of September. This offer is part of a study Facebook will … Read more

7 Facts Isabella Guzman, 18-Year-Old Girl Who Stabbed Her Mother 151 Times And Declared Innocent

THE MIND OF THE PEOPLE – Name Isabella Guzman is currently becoming a hot topic on many social media and online. Probably not many people know, Isabella Guzman is an original woman Colorado, United States of America who bravely killed his own biological mother in 2013 ago. At the time the murder case occurred Isabella … Read more

Hit the ball towards the judge at the US Open 2020, Novak Djokovic apologizes to all – Novak Djokovic apologized after hitting the ball at the linesman during the tournament US Open 2020, Monday (7/9/2020) morning WIB. Novak Djokovic is disqualified from the US Open after he hit the ball towards the linesman against Pablo Carreno Busta in the fourth round held at Arthur Ashe Stadium, New York, United States. … Read more

Photos of Isabella Guzman, The Viral Story of a US Girl

BERITABULUKUMBA.COM – The story of the murder of a child against his biological mother in United States of America is viral in Indonesia, Sunday 6 September 2020. This sad story is actually a case that happened in 2013 ago. Isabella Guzman stabbed his mother 79 times. Quoted from from the page, Isabella Guzman … Read more

A couple caught having sex in the residents’ yard, reprimanded, even angry

STOCKTON, – A woman in Stockton, United States of America ( AS) caught a trusted lover homeless, have sex in the front yard of a neighbor’s house. But when he reprimanded her, the lovebirds got angry and asked her to leave. The woman, named Chealsey Allmon-Encinas, was walking outside, then accidentally found two people … Read more