A molecule discovered by a Belgian bought for 4 million dollars

It was bought for $ 4 million by the pharmaceutical firm Takeda for its marketing, we learned on the sidelines of the visit of Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib to Boston, United States. The operation was announced in a press release by the Japanese firm in early February. The molecule, called TYK2, aims to fight against … Read more

The willow project, what is the Alaska drilling project approved by Biden

Joe Biden’s administration announced on March 13 in the United States that it had approved a controversial oil drilling project in Alaska. As it reports The Republicthe Willow project, led by energy giant ConocoPhillips, will be located within the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, a 23-million-acre (93-million-hectare) area on the North Slope, the largest area of ​​pristine … Read more

Silicon Valley bank failure, limited impact on Japan’s financial system = Bank of Japan | Reuters

On March 14, the Bank of Japan’s Financial System and Banking Department issued a statement regarding the failure of the US Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), stating, “The direct exposure of Japanese financial institutions is thought to be negligible, and the impact on Japan’s financial system is currently limited. I’m looking at it,” he commented. FILE … Read more

Ukrainian president refrains from interfering in internal affairs, Georgia prime minister | Reuters

On March 13, Georgian Prime Minister Garibashvili (pictured) urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to refrain from interfering in internal affairs. FILE PHOTO: Berlin, September 2023. REUTERS/Christian Mang (Reuters) – Georgian Prime Minister Garibashvili on Wednesday urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky not to interfere in his country’s internal affairs. Zelensky thanked protesters for raising the Ukrainian … Read more

Man (35) was unjustly detained in the US for 18 years because the judiciary used the wrong photo | Remarkable

10 mrt 2023 om 00:40Update: 2 dagen geleden A 35-year-old American was released on Thursday after being unjustly detained for eighteen years. Sheldon Thomas was convicted in 2005 of a fatal shooting in New York City, when law enforcement deliberately used a photo of another person who happened to have the same name. According to … Read more

Australian nuclear submarine aims to ensure peace and stability = defense minister | Reuters

Australia’s Defense Minister Mars (pictured) said on March 9 that the country’s nuclear submarines are aimed at ensuring peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific, Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean. FILE PHOTO: Washington, D.C. July 2023. REUTERS/Sarah Silbiger [シドニー 9日 ロイター] – Australia’s Defense Minister Mars said on Thursday that the country’s nuclear submarines are … Read more

Six-year-old boy who shot teacher in US will not be prosecuted | Abroad

The six-year-old boy who shot his teacher at an elementary school in Newport News in January will not be prosecuted. The Virginia state attorney said Wednesday against NBC News that he finds it “problematic” to put a child of that age on trial. The 25-year-old teacher was injured in the hand and upper body in … Read more

One day she suddenly disappeared, more than 30 years later Patricia was found in a rest home in Puerto Rico

Patricia Kopta disappeared in 1992 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now she has surfaced 2,700 kilometers further. — © Shutterstock She was reported missing by her husband more than thirty years ago and was even officially declared dead, but now Patricia Kopta has resurfaced. The now 82-year-old American woman was found in a rest home in Puerto … Read more

Republican ex-Governor Hogan won’t run for president after all | Abroad

05 mrt 2023 om 23:31Update: een dag geleden Larry Hogan is not planning to run for the US presidency on behalf of the Republicans. The former governor of the state of Maryland fears that his candidacy could unintentionally help former president Donald Trump make a profit. A large list of Republican candidates for the White … Read more