After the pandemic, the climate crisis

Over the past two years, the pandemic has risen very high on the government’s agenda, but the climate crisis still exists. • Read also: Argentina: continuous forest fires in the south, one for a month • Read also: Deaths from weather disasters at highest in 10 years in the United States • Read also: Record … Read more

Meanwhile in the world – International

AustraliaOn January 14, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke again Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic’s visa revoked, number one in the world, “on the basis of public interest”, jeopardizing his participation in the Open which will begin on January 17 in Melbourne. Djokovic could present a new appeal. The tennis player, who is not vaccinated against covid-19, … Read more

Omicron forces us to rethink the idea of ​​a light covid – Sarah Zhang

January 14, 2022 1:08 pm When the highly transmissible and deadliest delta variant began to rage in the United States in 2021, it threw us into pandemic limbo. The virus remained a danger especially for unvaccinated people, but they wanted to move on. The majority of vaccinated people also wanted to move on. It was … Read more

Column: TSMC to raise prices in a timely manner to aggressively invest by expanding its earnings base | Reuters

[Hong Kong 13th Reuters BREAKINGVIEWS]–The world’s largest and most important semiconductor maker is peeping at its market power. TSMC, a contract manufacturer of semiconductors, is moving to raise prices in response to the global shortage of semiconductors against the backdrop of the rapid expansion of demand for electronic products. On January 13th, the world’s largest … Read more

Fully deployed, the James Webb space telescope continues its flight to orbit

Launched aboard an Ariane 5 rocket in Guyana on December 25, the James Webb space telescope successfully completed its deployment in space through its main mirror on Saturday. “Mirror, mirror… deployed! Webb has taken its final form. Over the next 6 months or so, the space telescope will cool, calibrate its instruments and prepare to … Read more

$60 billion earned by apps in the “Apple” store in 2021

Apple announced that app developers on its Appstore have earned $60 billion in revenues during 2021. The company said that the revenues achieved by application developers, since the launch of the “Appstore” in 2008 until now, amounted to 260 billion dollars. After revenues were estimated at $200 billion in January 2021, according to “Apple”. The … Read more

The West may sacrifice Nord Stream 2. The pipeline faces further sanctions

Although the construction of Nord Stream 2 ended in September, its expected launch this year is again complicated. On Monday, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock leaned against the controversial gas pipeline, accusing Russia of using the gas as a political weapon. The project now faces further financial penalties from the United States. Last year, under … Read more

Experts in UK and US see way out of ‘dealing with virus’

While it is beginning to look like the omikron variant will continue to spread unstoppably despite all the vaccination and booster campaigns, there are growing voices in the United Kingdom and the United States that we are somehow the virus will have to learn to live. However, Israel warns that we are far from out … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope: a “100% successful” deployment

The perilous deployment in space of the telescope James Webb, which ended on Saturday with its main mirror, is “100% successful”, welcomed the Nasa, celebrating a feat that brings the observatory a little closer to the start of its exploration of the cosmos, in five and a half months. “I am so affected”Thomas Zurbuchen, head … Read more

Police woman reports death almost fell down The culprit is his own child.

She told the first minute that “When we went out and I saw a corpse I’m like…this is my son. he is my son Then I freaked out. I keep thinking about who is doing this to my child.” The policewoman could not believe her eyes at what she saw. she panicked Before you have … Read more