Corona is going crazy, what is the cause of the rise of riots in Europe?

Jakarta – Just a few months ago, Covid-19 cases in Europe plunged to their lowest level since the start of the pandemic. But this week, a series of riots broke out in various European cities marked by the burning of cars and the deployment of riot police. This is the cause of the anger of … Read more

Sudan plunged into new insecurity and bloody unrest – VG

OUT AGAINST THE CUPMAKERS: People shout slogans in protest against the coup plotters in Sudan. They demand that the transitional government be reinstated and that the democratic process towards democratic elections continue. Photo: Marwan Ali / AP Long lines of conflict and power struggles lie behind the recent coup in Sudan. Few believe there is … Read more

Civil unrest escalated!Fei Sir ordered Suskecha to lead the battle against Tottenham on Saturday

Fei Sir is out of order, and Susquecha leads the battle against Tottenham on Saturday without losing! Manchester United lost 0:5 in the most recent round of the Premier League last Sunday at the feet of rival Liverpool. According to the Sun, the morale of the Red Devils training base is very low and the … Read more

GP Staphorst ‘misquoted’ about secret vaccination: “Now new unrest”

In the biblical community of Staphorst, the taboo on vaccination is still great. “I have patients who want to be vaccinated but are terrified of community judgment, so I’m going to visit their home soon to secretly give them the vaccine,” Reza Pezeshki Nia told the newspaper last weekend. The message has been taken up … Read more

Parigi Moutong Prison Riots, Prisoner Goes Raging Control of Office

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Correctional Institution (Lapas) class III Parigi Moutong, Central Sulawesi, was hit by chaos on Thursday evening (7/10). Unrest as a result of the inmates rampage it lasted until the night. At the time of the incident, the Parigi Moutong District Police immediately mobilized hundreds of personnel to secure the situation in … Read more

Riots in Yahukimo Called Involving 2 Tribes

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Papuan Regional Police stated that the riots that occurred in the District Yahukimo, Papua involves two tribes, namely the Kimyal Tribe and the Yali Tribe. Head of Public Relations of the Papuan Police, Commissioner Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, said that as many as six residents were killed and 41 others were injured … Read more

The Chinese regime came to the rescue of Evergrande to prevent social unrest from growing over the mega real estate scam

Evergrande suffered heavy losses on the Hong Kong stock exchange (Reuters) The indebted Chinese real estate giant Evergrande announced on Wednesday the sale of 19.93% of the shares of commercial bank Shengjing Bank to a state-owned conglomerate for 9.993 million yuan (1.545 million dollars), which could be the first of several movements. towards firms linked … Read more

The Riots in Legok Started with a Land Truck Hitting Residents’ Houses

TEMPO.CO, Tangerang – Head of the Tangerang Regency Transportation Agency Agus Suryana said: unrest at the LG fork in Jalan Raya Legok on Saturday night, September 25, there was a series of dirt trucks crashing into people’s houses. “As a result, the house and two motorcycles were damaged,” said Agus, Sunday, September 26, 2021. The … Read more

Get ready, it’ll be morning. Beijing warns of unrest over giant developer crash

Central authorities have called on local governments to prepare for a “possible storm” in which the collapse of the giant company could escalate. However, government agencies and state-owned enterprises are to be activated at the last minute if the company is unable to settle its issues. Local governments are tasked with preventing unrest and mitigating … Read more