Japan: its fish disclose its bank details

Mutekimaru, that’s his name, had the unpleasant surprise to realize that his bank details had been disclosed during a live two weeks ago. His concept is to film his fish playing the Switch, thanks to sensors with which they control the console remotely thanks to their movement. Except that while he was away, the fish … Read more

Investing in young people to fight upstream against terrorism

Today, it is clear that militant Islamist violence in the Sahel is accelerating faster than in any other region of Africa. After nearly a decade of conflict, violent events in the Sahel (specifically in Burkina Faso, Mali and western Niger) are on the rise, and with no signs of abating, with a 140% increase since … Read more

Skoda Octavia hatchback? The unusual vision could compete with the Golf and the Scala

The third body version of the Mladá Boleslav bestseller is very unlikely, but it wouldn’t look bad at all. Since time immemorial, Škoda Octavia has been offered in two body styles: liftback and combi. But have you ever wondered what it would look like as a hatchback? At Auto.cz, this idea has not been alien … Read more

Unusual: School installed smart lights to save, but it has been almost 2 years without being able to turn them off | International

An American school has been experiencing an unusual situation since August 2021. It was on that date that they decided to change their lighting to smart lights, with the aim of saving energy and money. However, since then, they have not been able to turn off the lights. The reason? A great little detail: the … Read more

Unusual: Bielsa made an irrational request and his return to the Premier fell

In February of last year, Marcelo bielsa was fired from Leeds United for the dismal campaign the team was carrying out in the Premier League and since then the DT from Rosario has been out of work, despite the fact that in all this time he was sounded by several teams, and in the last … Read more

Unusual – A 45-year-old biotech entrepreneur claims to have rejuvenated his body by 5 years

Bryan Johnson, a 45-year-old biotech entrepreneur, has developed an ambitious anti-aging program, dubbed Blueprint, of which he is the first participant, and claims to have biologically “rejuvenated” years, according to Bloomberg. Medical tests have indeed revealed that he now has the heart of a 37-year-old man and the lung capacity of an 18-year-old. The American … Read more

A nice shot for the Super Bowl: the characters of M&M’s have not said their last word | Unusual

False alarm: M&M’s characters are set to stay. The brand has confirmed that the report that the famous candy will no longer appear in its ads is actually part of a Super Bowl “set-up” that will be “resolved” on game day. The information had made the rounds of the media at the beginning of the … Read more

An unusual human error in Chicago caused chaos on the New York Stock Exchange that affected more than 250 companies

Archive image of traders working at the New York Stock Exchange (REUTERS/Andrew Kelly) In Chicagomore than a thousand kilometers from Wall Streetthe data backup center of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE, for its acronym in English) must be ready around the clock in case a disaster strikes in the largest stock market in the … Read more

Appearance of three novelties in the next update

Also on the program, new options will allow parents to better supervise the activity of their children. This update is perceived as welcome for Meta environments, especially since it includes the integration of an “immersive” option in the “Do Not Disturb” function. As a reminder, the last interesting novelty, which saw the light of day … Read more

Beautiful tribute to Abdelkrim Bennani

The BNRM has chosen to honor one of the figures of the city of Rabat known for his humanitarian and voluntary action within the city. Abdelkrim Bennani has been at the head of several sustainable development projects which have contributed to the development of the capital, underlined the participants in the ceremony. The event in … Read more