What happens to bodies in space? Astronaut Tim Peake describes “unusual” flu-like changes | science

Outer space is a very dangerous place for humans – everyone knows that. But you may not know that simply leaving Earth’s atmosphere can also have profound effects on the body. The Peake team reveals the subtle changes you notice as you float through space. Spending time outside of gravity can have some noticeable changes … Read more

An unusual nuclear reactor will be built in China

Chinese scientists have unveiled a design for a commercial molten salt nuclear reactor to be the world’s first reactor that does not use water for cooling, the South China Morning Post reports. Since the reactor will not need water, it can be installed in desert regions, using empty spaces to provide energy for large populations. … Read more

Swedish prisoners capture guards and demand an unusual ransom – Worldwide

In a Swedish prison, two inmates held two prison guards hostage for nine hours on Wednesday, but were released after receiving the requested ransom – pizzas, the prison spokeswoman said. Prison guards “were not injured and could safely return to their families,” said prison spokeswoman Stina Līle. Two prisoners, both serving sentences for murder in … Read more

Unusual theory – The universe is shaped like … a donut

By examining light from the early universe, Thomas Buchert’s team at the University of Lyon concluded that our universe could be interconnected many times, meaning that space is locked into itself in all three dimensions – like a three-dimensional donut (a donut shaped like a tire). Does such a concept make sense? For decades, astronomers … Read more

Moments of the second day of Dalia Belickaitė’s wedding announced: surprised by energy and unusual activity

Many traditional weddings in Lithuania end on the second day with a matchmaking or at least a slower holiday program after a stormy wedding eve. Apparently, such traditions were not at all fascinated by the pair of athletes Dalia Belickaitė and Edvinas Šeškaus. Their second wedding day was unusually busy and exceptional! On social networks, … Read more

The digital Euro, the future of monetary transactions

Faced with the rise of cryptocurrencies amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic, the European Central Bank (ECB) confirmed, on July 15, the launch of the digital euro project after an investigation phase and much hesitation . As the press release confirms, the first phase of the investigation has started and is expected to last 24 months. … Read more

A user found an unusual way to see Tali’s face in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

In the Mass Effect games, Captain Shepard is accompanied by associates. One of them is the quarian Tali’Zorah, who always hides her face under a helmet. Forum visitor Reddit under the pseudonym sizesixteens, I was able to see Tali’s facial features while passing Mass Effect Legendary Edition, but for this it was necessary to use … Read more

Wimbledon | Unusual betting in two battles, suspected counterfeiters leading and losing under investigation (23:09)-20210714-Sports-News

“Le Monde” quoted sources as revealing that the authorities’ investigation covers both men’s doubles and men’s singles events. When the men’s doubles players are in the lead, they get a lot of money to bet on their defeat, and eventually lose two consecutive sets and are eliminated. As for the men’s singles event, it was … Read more

A ‘Zelda’ cartridge is auctioned for $ 870,000 | Photo

You have successfully registeredPlease click the link in the email sent to Send the mail again https://mundo.sputniknews.com/20210711/subastan-un-cartucho-de-zelda-por-870000-dolares–foto-1114007584.html A ‘Zelda’ cartridge is auctioned for $ 870,000 | Photo A ‘Zelda’ cartridge is auctioned for $ 870,000 | Photo An unopened cartridge of the iconic video game ‘The Legend of Zelda’ has been auctioned for the exorbitant … Read more