Strange findings of the Kim Jong Un regime. “Unusual items” cause the coronavirus

Based on these conclusions Kim Dzong Un it ordered its citizens to “be vigilant about foreign objects, blown by wind and other climatic phenomena, and balloons in areas along the demilitarized zone and along the borders.” According to the state agency North Korean KCNA An 18-year-old soldier and a 5-year-old boy came into contact with … Read more

Abstraction seen by Abdelkader Badou

In the era of the development of several new genres of photography (aerial, underwater or in 3 dimensions), requiring high-performance equipment, photographic or not, allowing to have a new vision of the world around us, the artist Moroccan painter and photographer Abdelkader Badou made his breakthrough, imposing his style. Badou is indeed one of the … Read more

“Guardians of Ukrainian Heaven”. Unusual shots from before the pilots’ combat mission

– All pilots, air traffic controllers must understand: we will find you. Each of you will be responsible for these attacks. When your missiles hit residential buildings, it is a war crime, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr said in a new video Zelenskiy, directly addressing the pilots of the Russian planes that have participated in the attacks … Read more

This was the unusual planetary alignment of this June 24 | Science and Ecology | D.W.

In the Northern Hemisphere of our planet, the phenomenon could be seen in the hours before dawn on June 24. Five celestial bodies formed were formed in a perfect line with respect to the position of the Sun. They are the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. For about two hours, depending on the … Read more

Unusual nineties for a reasonable price. Fiat Tipo is available, which will not only impress with its digital deck

An F1 pilot rode with him The offered Tipo is special in its history. It is the millionth produced specimen, which was ceremoniously handed over to the F1 pilot of the Ferrari team in September 1990. It happened after the race in Monza, Italy. The pilot was none other than Nigel Mansell. The British origin … Read more

Idir, from local success to an international career

On May 2, 2020, the great Kabyle singer “Idir” passed away at the Paris hospital in Bichat at the age of 71. This news plunged the Amazigh world and its fans into inconsolable sadness because he was the champion of a culture and an age-old identity that he never stopped defending on all stages of … Read more

The unusual minute: the Internet Explorer browser is entitled to its tombstone

On June 15, Microsoft put an end to Internet Explorer, a browser so mocked that over the years it had become a recurring joke in Internet culture. But lo and behold, all good (bad) things come to an end, and Internet Explorer has therefore given way to Edge, its replacement, still developed by Microsoft. For … Read more

The profitability of Moroccan banks under the magnifying glass

Their overall net profit has reached pre-pandemic levels, boosted by lower loan impairment charges, Fitch Ratings points out. We expect the positive trend to continue, but it could be slowed as adverse global economic conditions ripple through the local economy and put pressure on asset quality. The aggregate net profit of the seven banks (AttijariWafa … Read more

Invented an unusual trick to protect strawberries from birds: it will take small pebbles

Strawberries are loved not only by humans but also by birds. To prevent them from sucking the berries, gardeners use an extremely unusual way to deter them from this hobby. Only subscribers can read the full article By subscribing, you support independent authors and journalists. A strong and free media is a pillar of democracy … Read more

‘Emergency Declaration’ with unusual character talk Kang-ho Song, Byung-hun Lee, Jeon Do-yeon, Nam-gil Kim, Im Si-wan, So-jin Kim @ Movie ‘Emergency Declaration’ Production Report (EMERGENCY DECLARATION)

#Song Kang-ho #Lee Byung-hun #Jeon Do-yeon #Kim Nam-gil #Emergency Declaration On June 20, the production report of the movie ‘Emergency Declaration’ was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Chosun Hotel. Actors Kang-ho Song, Byung-hun Lee, Jeon Do-yeon, Nam-gil Kim, Im Si-wan, Hae-jun Park, So-jin Kim, and director Jae-rim Han attended the event. ???? … Read more