Amazing, OTT 5 Riau Forestry Personnel Who Was Captured by Pelalawan Police Team Surprise Langgam Residents

Pekanbaru- Residents around Langgam Village, Langgam Sub-district, Pelalawan Regency, Riau, were shocked by the arrest of 5 forestry officers who had acted in the TNTN area to allegedly extort land owners on Monday night. The Pelalawan Police Chief, AKBP Guntur Muhammad Tariq SIK, confirmed the arrest of this Riau Province Forestry person, but he has … Read more

Up in arms! NASA Captures Stunning Images of the Eclipse from Space

Capture NASA when you get a picture / NASA JAKARTA, Solar eclipse is a miracle to be seen if seen from Earth first. Not all of us are fortunate enough to experience this wonder of nature. If a celestial event is so impressive from our planet, imagine how it must captivate those who view … Read more

Scary! European Space Authority Says Something Is Watching Us From Mars

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has found a perfectly carved door (Pic Courtesy: NASA). Photo:(Twitter) JAKARTA, Mars has become mankind’s favorite candidate to search for life next to our solar system. People Mars attacking Earth has been a recurring theme in films and books. This theme is so popular that it is almost as if … Read more

Ceramah Oki Setiana Dewi Bikin Heboh, Gus Miftah Buka Suara – Talks Oki Setiana Dewi the question of domestic violence that is making a fuss in the middle of the virtual world is a discussion. This has also received the attention of many parties, including the preacher Gus Miftah. He also gave an opinion about the causes that became the root of the problem … Read more

Excited Nude Prosecutor Enters Beer Buying Shop, Now Threatened To Fire

ILLUSTRATION A naked prosecutor enters a shop to buy beer. [Tangkapan layar Facebook] The naked prosecutor was threatened with being fired after his photos went viral because he entered the shop naked while buying beer. – Video naked prosecutor lately viral and make public up in arms. Nude prosecutor enters the shop for a … Read more