Vaccinations against covid-19 at Baggängen in Karlskoga end, get new premises at the hospital

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Vaccinations against Covid and the flu: there is the green light to have them also in pharmacies

UDINE. Pharmacy vaccinations are starting, both for immunizations against Covid and for the flu. The Regional Council of Friuli Venezia Giulia has in fact approved a specific resolution, the result of an agreement between the Region, Federfarma Fvg and associations representing the pharmacies of the area. It will thus be possible for the first time … Read more

The government “cuts” the quarantine “But only with high vaccinations”

China also decides to loosen its grip on quarantine, reducing the days of isolation for those who enter the country and abandoning the tracking of contacts of the positive patient. And four states in Germany – Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse and Schleswig-Holstein – have decided to abolish the mandatory five-day isolation without federal government approval. However, … Read more

More vaccinations, missing stocks, and the measles epidemic continues | Romania

Measles vaccine stocks have run out in 10 counties. The Minister of Health, Florian Bodog, announced that he ordered the emergency purchase of other doses. The Minister of Health, Florian Bodog, announced yesterday that he ordered the urgent purchase of the measles vaccine. According to reports from the Public Health Directorates, vaccine stocks have run … Read more

New guidelines for corona vaccinations – the welfare area must decide who over 18 should be vaccinated – Ostrobothnia –

The new guidelines that Minister of Care Krista Kiuru presented on Wednesday raise many questions for those who are going to vaccinate: who decides who should be vaccinated. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and THL, the Institute for Health and Welfare, do not agree on whether a fourth dose of corona vaccine for … Read more

Vaccinations against seasonal flu are now starting — Public Health Agency

General influenza vaccination of risk groups begins throughout the country on November 8. Vaccination is mainly recommended for the risk groups, i.e. those at risk of becoming seriously ill: pregnant women, people aged 65 or older and people with certain chronic diseases such as chronic heart or lung disease. Up to and including December 4, … Read more

Recommendation for heart patients not to delay their flu and pneumonia vaccinations

Trakya University (TU) Head of the Department of Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine, Assoc. Dr. Servet Altay said that with the cooling of the weather, infectious diseases began to increase. Stating that the masks, which were used extensively in the past years due to the Covid-19 epidemic, were not preferred due to the decrease in the … Read more

People with a transplanted kidney benefit from booster vaccinations

Kidney patients have a higher chance of a severe course of COVID-19 and more often die from the disease than healthy people A large clinical study in four university hospitals shows that booster vaccinations against the coronavirus are useful in people with a new kidney. Even if they did not develop an immune response after … Read more

Booster vaccinations prove useful for people with transplanted kidneys

Editorial Medicalfacts/ Janine Budding October 28, 2022 – 10:52 PM Immune response still starts after several injections A large clinical study in four university hospitals shows that booster vaccinations against the coronavirus are useful in people with a new kidney. Even if they did not develop an immune response after the first two or three … Read more

The flu shot in Zandvoort: alderman helps to put first vaccinations

Next Wednesday will receive thousands again Zandvoort the flu shot administered by the General Practitioners Center Zandvoort and a large number of people also receive a shot against pneumococci. This will take place between 4:00 PM and 6:30 PM in the Korverhal on the Duintjesveldweg. Before his councilorship, Alderman Lars Carree worked as a specialized … Read more