Valve specifically brought the Dolphin Emulator’s presence on Steam to Nintendo’s attention.

You’ve probably heard that Nintendo has blocked the Dolphin emulator on Steam, supposedly because of the DMCA, but as it turns out, that’s not the whole story. According to The Verge, which has been provided by the Dolphin development team, Valve helped Nintendo bring attention to the Wii and GameCube emulator on Steam and unilaterally … Read more

Vitality won the “CS:GO” Paris Major championship, and the audience at the final scene opened the box to win the prize episode is really fake | 4Gamers

“Absolute Force: Global Offensive” (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; CS:GO) Paris Major Tournament ( CS:GO 2023 Paris Major) was won by the French team Vitality last weekend. While GO”‘s last official e-sports event drew a perfect ending, it also brought an unexpected episode on the sidelines. A spectator drew a box on the spot and won a … Read more

Valve sued over “vibration technology” such as Steam Deck. US Company Claims Patent Infringement – AUTOMATON

Valve has been sued for allegedly infringing patents over its vibration technology used in Steam Decks and other devices.foreign mediaThe Vergereported on May 17. The plaintiff in the lawsuit is the US-based company Immersion Corporation (Immersion). The company has haptic feedback technology, which is used in a wide range of fields such as mobile devices, … Read more

Valve made him lose more than 200,000 dollars with a permanent punishment: He is the first ‘victim’ of the new Counter-Strike policies – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

New penalties for skin misuse are coming to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and it’s time to be extra careful May 18, 2023, 6:30 p.m. – Updated May 18, 2023, 10:36 p.m. After nine years of carrying out skin exchanges, a player from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been banned forever. A punishment that allows him to continue … Read more

Valve bans gambling on Steam

Valve has updated its guidelines for behavior on the gaming platform Steam. Under the section that prohibits so-called “commercial activity”, the company has now added gambling. Gambling with in-game items – especially related to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – has long been very widespread. Now, however, players can be banned from Steam if they link their … Read more

Valve has updated the Steam search system – now you can search for games by tags and more

Valve announced the release of a major update for the Steam game store, which affected the search system. Now it will be easier for users to explore the catalog of games and find exactly what they were looking for. IN official communication on the Steam website, the support team admitted that more and more users … Read more

Steam banned many trailers before screenshots and changed the display. Valve solved a perennial problem

On the pages of games on Steam, you can get acquainted not only with screenshots, but also with trailers. Sometimes there were so many of them that it was easy to get confused. Quite a long time on Steam exists trailer problem. Some developers fill up the page on Steam and it is problematic to … Read more

Valve has listened to the players, this feature will be coming to Steam soon

games April 28, 2023, 10:33 Jakub “Entelarmer” Blazewicz Valve continues to improve Steam. People testing the beta version of the platform can now check e.g. a new overlay and the function of adding game notes. The information spotted by dataminers in the latest Steam update has been confirmed. Valve shared update of the beta version … Read more

No increased incidence of heart valve infection when routine antibiotics were withdrawn

A study carried out in collaboration between Folktandvården Stockholm and the Karolinska Institute show that the change in recommendations for prescribing preventive antibiotics in connection with dental care has not increased the number of cases of heart valve infection for those patients who have a risk of it. The global issue of rational antibiotic use … Read more

A collector earns almost a million dollars in a week thanks to Counter-Strike and the euphoria of the players after the big announcement of Valve – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The sale of three cosmetics has made one CS:GO player close to a million dollars. One of the largest economic transactions in the history of video games has recently been carried out. A member of the community Counter-Strike: Global Offensive confirms to have exchanged two skins from the Valve video game for a total amount … Read more