Covid-19: Pfizer’s vaccine against omicron will not arrive until October | companies

Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech announced on Monday that their omicron-adapted Covid-19 vaccine will not arrive until October 2022, although “in time for the autumn booster vaccination campaigns.” This was advanced by BioNTech in the presentation of its financial results for the first half of 2022, in which it obtained a net profit of … Read more

What is NeoCov Virus? The Variant of the Covid 19 Virus that is Back in Discussion, How Dangerous

DIY NEWS – See here related information virus NeoCov and its relationship with virus Covid 19. How dangerous is it virus Is this also contagious to humans like Covid-19? At the beginning of 2022, scientists from Wuhan University, China made a new discovery report virus corona NeoCov which is claimed to have a higher transmission … Read more

New virus variant discovered in China – Smålänningen

About Smålänningen Smålänningen was started in 1921 by Elfrid Dürango, in 1935 Älmhult’s newspaper was also incorporated. Today, the newspaper is printed in 12,200 copies and is read by 35,000 people, above all in the municipalities of Ljungby, Markaryd and Älmhult. Smålänningen is part of Bonnier News Local, which is Sweden’s leading local media group … Read more

Europe changes dose of Moderna covid vaccine to cover omicron variant

The United States and Europe have already made progress in changing the dose of Moderna for the new bivalent booster vaccine omicron 1273.214 to deal with the new variants of covid-19 for their winter seasons, according to a statement from Adium, a strategic partner of the American biotechnology company. In the study phase, this vaccine … Read more

Vaccine-heart attack relationship turned out to be bullshit

BECAUSE İNAN- Another “myth” of the anti-vaccine fans has been debunked. Vaccine opponents frequently brought up the claim that Covid-19 vaccines cause heart muscle inflammation. However, the research conducted by examining the data of 592 thousand 719 patients who had Kovid-19 in South Korea indicates that the risk of heart attack is higher in unvaccinated … Read more

The fastest spreading variant of Covid-19: BA.5

Ear Nose and Throat Diseases Specialist Dr. Bouquet Private Bingolgave important information about the latest variants of the coronavirus, which has mutated many times since December 2019. Noting that Covid-19 continues to threaten human health, Dr. Bingöl stated that the disease gave symptoms as an ear, nose and throat disease, especially at the beginning. “FIRST … Read more

Microsoft tests ‘Family’ variant Xbox Game Pass Ultimate abroad – Gaming – News

Microsoft will offer an Xbox Game Pass ‘Family’ subscription in Ireland and Colombia as a test. In addition, up to five players receive a subscription to the games service for a lower total price than an individual subscription. The people with whom it’Family’-abonnement shared, must reside in the same country as the main subscriber, limiting … Read more

Toyota Fortuner Facelift Launches, Lowest Variant Has a New Nickname

Toyota Thailand The Toyota Fortuner Leader now gets a Fortuner Legender-inspired look. – Toyota Fortuner facelift officially launched. The appearance makes me drool, because now it has been changed to be like Legender. And for the lowest variant has a new nickname. But don’t rush to the dealer, this Toyota Fortuner Facelift is specifically … Read more