A BOLA – Fran continues to shake the market (Gil Vicente)

Spaniard Fran Navarro, 24, continues to stir the market after his performance in the gilista jersey. The striker is not guaranteed in the squad, despite having a contract, as there are candidates for the acquisition of his pass. Read more in the print edition and digital of A BALL.

VIDEO: Alejandro Fernández is criticized on social networks for being swollen and unleashing comparisons with Don Vicente Fernández

Mexican singer, Alexander Fernandezwas seen on his social networks with an image that made his fans remember his father Vicente Fernández, who died on December 12, 2021, because the singer looks a little swollen on his face and with his hair full of gray hair , unleashing comparisons with the “Charro de Huentitán”. Don Vicente … Read more

The ridiculous discussion between Vicente Serrano and Suárez Gomís that portrays a divided country

Vicente Serrano and Suárez Gomís have had different discussions for a long time. (Guillermo Angulo /Clasos.com/LatinContent via Getty Images) Vicente Serrano and Hector Suarez Gomis they are the perfect synthesis of a divided, polarized, broken country, and all those adjectives that Enrique Krauze and Denise Dresser like very much. The worst of the two “sides” … Read more

Vicente Fernández announces his authorized biographical series

Vicente Fernandezwho passed away last December, promotes his own bioserie “The king“, the authorized version of his life and work that produces Snail and will premiere Netflix this year. In the preview presented by the streaming company, which lasts 26 seconds, “Charro de Huentitán” appears talking about his series, in which you can also see … Read more

The San Vicente Jazz festival returns to Godoy Cruz

Between April 21 and 22the festival Saint Vincent Jazz (SVJ) captivate Mendocinos and tourists again, in the square theater from Godoy Cruz. The opening of doors, for both nights, will be at 21 hours. Los tickets sern free and a maximum of 2 per person can be purchased, until the capacity of the room is … Read more

Spirit of Vicente Fernández appeared on the set of “The Last King”, according to Juan Osorio

Everything has been said since Vicente Fernandez He died and his bioseries began to be recorded. But now, the producer of “The last king” has left many cold because according to him, andhe spirit of Vicente Fernández appeared on the recording set of the Televisa series. View this post on Instagram A post shared by … Read more

Vicente Fernández wins the Grammy and driver says that “he could not attend”

Jimmie Allen assured that Vicente Fernández could not attend to collect his award at the 2022 Grammys. | Photo: AFP. During the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony, Vicente Fernández was the winner in the category Best Regional Mexican Music Album for his album “At my 80’s”however, the singer “could not attend to collect the award” assured … Read more

Maribel Guardia revealed if Vicente Fernández was jealous

Written in TIME X the 19/3/2022 · 16:05 hs “The last king“It has broken Televisa’s rating with 8 million viewers in Mexico alone and it is because the legal disputes between the production and the Fernández family have increased the desire to see the bioseries by Vicente Fernández. Due to the controversy, the opinion of … Read more

What DISEASES did Vicente Fernández have?

Don Vicente Fernandez He died on December 12 after being hospitalized for several months, and although hopes were always maintained by his loved ones and the general public that the singer would recover, he could not take it anymore and lost his life, so who spent the last few days in a hospital, however, this … Read more

they grant him suspensions against bioseries by Vicente Fernández

Despite the success of the Vicente Fernández bioseries ‘The Last King’, Dona Cuquita continue to fight for stop transmitting, which has begun to have effects. This Thursday, the lawyers of the Fernández Dynasty issued a statement announcing that the legal suit continues and three judges awarded him to Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, widow of ‘Chente’, three … Read more