He waits for his ex-wife under the house and sets an ambush for her: 38-year-old arrested

He waited for her to come home after taking her youngest daughter to school and attacked her. Hearing the cries of the mother, the eldest daughter came to her rescue and the man, to make them believe he was the victim, voluntarily banged his head against a window. The aggression Saturday 7 May. A 48-year-old … Read more

Alondra García Miró painting to Mario Irivarren for yelling at him web eye showbiz | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 05/06/2022 09:05 pm Mario Irivarren He is in the eye of the public storm after having accepted that he did physically and psychologically abuse his ex-partner Vania Bludau. And it is that his outbursts of anger have not been present recently, but since the time he was part of Combate. So it was … Read more

In Vilkaviškis district, a man who set fire to a house and abused a woman was found in a well

According to Marijampolė County Police, the man was violent against two women in their 63s and 64s. He later set fire to a residential house and left the scene. After the incident, both women were taken to the Admissions Department of Vilkaviškis Hospital and left in this hospital for further treatment. 0.23 hrs. A report … Read more

“He made life impossible for him”: A man caught hitting a couple in Vicuña has a large medical record

A new case of aggression against a woman in the Vicuña commune reminds us of the importance of a timely complaint. The story began when a 24-year-old girl, a native of the city of Osorno, decided to go live in the Elquina commune in search of better opportunities. Before long, she met a fellow who … Read more

Bill against violence against women: all new measures

The government launches a new bill against violence against women. The measures, desired and approved by Interior Ministers Luciana Lamorgese, Justice Marta Cartabia, together with colleagues Maria Stella Gelmini, Mara Carfagna, Elena Bonetti and Erika Stefani, make changes to various areas, especially the code of criminal procedure. The mission is to raise the barriers to … Read more

Simon Levy; “I invite you to go kick my door and see how it goes”, the challenge of Salinas Pliego

Businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego faced and challenged the former undersecretary of Tourism Planning and Policy, Simon Levy, to kick his door “to see how it goes”. The foregoing after the former official offered an apology for his actions against one of his neighbors, a moment that was captured on video and in recent days went … Read more