Beppe Grillo, women and rape: an over ten-year history of five-star sexism

Yet, it must be said, there is consistency. An evident thread of coherence that leads straight to a vision of the world. The defensive reconstruction contained in the video in which Beppe Grillo protests the innocence of his son Ciro, accused of “gang rape”, caused much indignation. In particular, in two passages, which reveal an … Read more

Obstetric violence affects almost half of mothers in the SUS, but it is normalized – 03/30/2021 – Balance and Health

Almost half of Brazilian women who have their children through the public health system are targets of a type of invisible aggression, obstetric violence. Despite this, this violence has no penal classification, is not recognized by the Ministry of Health and continues to be seen as a cultural aspect of childbirth, with a low rate … Read more

Withdrawal of the Istanbul convention: Turkish women demonstrate against President Erdogan

Paris says it is “in solidarity” with Turkish women after Ankara’s exit from a Council of Europe convention. Yesterday in Istanbul thousands of demonstrators asked President Erdogan to reconsider his decision to abandon this struggling treaty against violence inflicted on women Turkey leaves the Istanbul Convention, under pressure from conservative and religious groups. “I do … Read more

Sarah Everard Killed by London Police, British Women Worried about Personal Safety

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A London policeman has been charged with kidnapping and murder Sarah Everard who disappeared while walking near his house. The disappearance of 33-year-old Sarah Everard as she walked home on the night of March 3 has sparked criticism in Britain for the failure of police and society at large to address violence … Read more

Sarah Everard’s body found in the forest after a week of missing, the police actively charged as the perpetrator

LONDON, – Active police officers indicted for kidnapping and murder Sarah Everard. The 33-year-old woman disappeared on her way home in south London. Sarah Everard’s body was found in a forest in Kent more than a week after she was last seen on March 3. A member of the police on behalf of Wayne … Read more

man throws hot water at his wife because he did not like she will wake him up for breakfast

In the Turkish city of Iconium, a man was arrested after he threw boiling water at his wife for waking him up when he was bringing him breakfast in bed, according to local media. The incident took place on January 9 at the couple’s home. Rukiye Ay, 23, explained that she wanted to surprise her … Read more

Brutal husband cut wife’s cheeks with knife

First a dispute escalated on vacation. When it came to the separation a little later, the man attacked the mother of his children with a razor. Now he is indicted in the regional court. Even the presiding judge at the district court in Cologne is shocked by the extent of these acts of violence in … Read more

Evangelical Church condemns violence against women

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.- The Ministry of God is Real held its Surviving Women congress to raise awareness about the constant acts of violence against women that have occurred in the country in recent months. Pastor Ziomary Velóz, from the Ministry of God is Real, condemned the violence of which women around the world are victims, especially … Read more

# 25N. Covid-19 pandemic increases violence against women in the world

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the violence against women protected in the lockdown, and has highlighted the need to continue fighting to prevent and combat this scourge that the victims must not face alone. With domestic violence on the rise during the coronavirus pandemic, activists have been protesting Wednesday since France even Turkey and dignitaries … Read more