Violent impact between two cars at the intersection of Nicolae Grigorescu Street and General Vasile Milea Blvd

photo: IC 29 January 2023 12:50 Updated to: 29 January 2023 12:50 Following the strong impact, one of the two cars ended up in a building located at the intersection of Nicolae Grigorescu Street and General Vasile Milea Boulevard. Two adults and four children – aged between 1 and 9 years – were in the … Read more

Classified as the most violent scene on Earth.. The scenes prohibited from the show starring the virtuous prostitute Ghada Abdel Razek with a famous artist when he attacked her like a monster

Egyptian artist topped Ghada Abdel Razek Search engines, after circulating a video of her from a famous movie with the artist Amr Abdel Galil because of what he did to her got married Ghada Abdel Razek 11 or 12 times of it The Saudi businessman, Adel Al-Qazzaz: who was several years older than her, as … Read more

Ultras clashes, Piantedosi towards the squeeze after Paganese-Casertana: ‘daspo di curva’ hypothesis and neutral field for the teams of violent fans

Incidents between fans before Paganese-Casertana they will be a point of no return. pictures ofburning busthe concrete risk of serious physical consequences for law enforcement e spectatorsthe scenes of urban warfare magazines just two weeks after the clashes on the A1 between ultras of Napoli e Roma they convinced the Keep them in mind to … Read more

“The Taliban of the Andes”: Evo Morales’ support for Peruvian violent groups provokes rejection in Lima

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales Evo Morales keep sending messages of encouragement to the Peruvian violent groups who have come to occupy the city of Limawhose inhabitants fear that he intends to impose the communism and they call it “the taliban of the andes”. A tweet from “Free anti-communist group”, formed by Bolivians and Peruvians, … Read more

Violent clashes between Dabaiba’s forces..and the last: no comment

While I preferred not to comment on what was going on, violent clashes renewed between armed militias affiliated with the forces of the President of the Libyan Interim Government. Abdul Hamid Al-DabaibaNear the airport of the capital, Tripoli. And sudden clashes broke out at dawn, in which the militias used heavy and medium weapons. several … Read more

The Hubble Telescope captured the exact moment in which a black hole “devours” a star | violent energetic collision

Astronomers recorded in detail the last moments of a star before being “devoured” by a black hole. In the pictures, taken by the Hubble Space Telescopeowned by NASA and the European Space Association, you can see the entire process that apparently ends with an explosion of light and that will allow researchers advance with the … Read more

(VIDEO) Violent fight with irons is recorded in the middle of a public thoroughfare on Costanera Avenue

For Daily Newsroom The Day Written in POLICEMAN the 12/1/2023 · 18:12 hs A tense fight took place on Costanera avenue in Coquimbo during midday this Thursday, when four subjects (some of them drivers) kicked each other, punched each other with their feet, fists and a blunt object on public roads. According to information provided … Read more

After a violent storm, California still at risk of flooding

HONG KONG: At Lok Ma Chau station, Yuri Tan hugs her boyfriend before leaving. Like this student, hundreds of them headed north on Sunday, relieved to finally be able to cross the border between Hong Kong and mainland China without having to comply with restrictive restrictions. “I’m going home because I don’t have to go … Read more