Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, will be able to speak with the voice of the deceased Business

According to Amazon, by imitating the voice of anyone heard, Alexa will be able to “make memories eternal.” The company is developing a technology that will allow its digital assistant, Alexa, to mimic the voice of anyone from an audio recording of less than a minute, chief scientist Rohitas Prasad said on Wednesday. He added … Read more

America Suggests Virtual Sex to Prevent the Spread of Monkeypox – To prevent the spread of monkeypox, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States (US) recommends that sex be done virtually. This US virtual sex advice is listed in the latest CDC guide entitled “Social Gatherings, Safer Sex, and Monkeypox”. This guide was just released in mid-June. “If you … Read more

Metaverse empowers ChinaJoy, the fusion of virtual and reality may become a new trend in exhibitions – Timetocoin Coin Times

Every July, countless veteran players of the game and animation trend are waiting for a digital entertainment feast – ChinaJoy. Recently, the ChinaJoy Organizing Committee issued an announcement on the postponement of the 20th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as ChinaJoy) offline exhibition, and announced that the ChinaJoy Online Exhibition (CJPlus) … Read more

We’ll take you anywhere, hold on. Mark Zuckerberg showed us his virtual dreams

Facebook se renamed Meta and Mark Zuckerberg make no secret of his goal of bringing it to the world metaverzum. A world in which virtual reality is mixed with reality, and people will have completely new experiences. But it has a catch. No current facility is able to achieve what Zuckerberg needs to fulfill its … Read more

Everything you need to know about Apple’s virtual reality glasses

Tom’s Guide has published a report about Apple developing smart augmented reality glasses.However, these glasses are still largely mysterious due to the lack of leaks and reliable news related to them, and it is expected that these glasses will not arrive before at least two years, and the company will most likely launch the augmented … Read more

ANA, Krafton’s virtual human with a larger than life appearance – All Senegalese news in real time | All the news in Senegal today: sport, Senegalese politics, people and miscellaneous facts in Senegal

Krafton envisioned and created a virtual human that could be accepted and trusted in the world. Krafton envisioned and created a virtual human that could be accepted and trusted in the world. Driven by hyperrealism, rigging and deep learning thanks to the Unreal Engine graphics engine, the virtual human ANA is designed to foster global … Read more

[Web 3.0]Yahoo Joins Metaverse Platform After Class Avatar Appears in Virtual Building – Hong Kong Economic Times – Instant News Channel – Technology

▲ Local girl group After Class also transformed into an Avatar performance in the Yahoo Metaverse building. (Image courtesy of Yahoo) Entering the era of Web 3.0, the Metaverse and NFT technologies are emerging, and the Internet is also facing innovation. Enterprises and individual users can learn a thing or two from the services of … Read more

LG wants to work with Apple to develop a second-generation augmented reality and virtual reality headset

Tim cookBild: Spencer Platt (Getty Images) An apple WWDC The event came and went No mention of an AR/VR headsetHowever, that hasn’t slowed the tide of reports and rumors surrounding this much-anticipated product. Despite the absence of the first model, we now recognize Apple second generation Mixed-Reality-Headset. I appreciate your collective sighs of outrage, but … Read more

Ministry of Science and ICT, pilot promotion of expanded virtual world content creation support project: Sisa Ilbo – Sinmungo of this Era

Fields and services available on the Metaverse platform [시사일보=정채두 기자] The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency will support domestic creators (companies) to create metaverse-oriented content, issue non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and register on the non-fungible token exchange. said to be recruiting. This project will recruit participating … Read more