professional vision services under one roof – What’s happening in Kaunas

Located on Laisvės avenue, in the heart of Kaunas, the “Vision Express” optical salon has been known to the people of Kaunas for more than 25 years – since 1996. True, regular customers who enter the salon today are surprised – although the team of specialists with many years of experience has remained the same, … Read more

Shipping performance is the same as the weakening of freight rates, the diffusion effect may be expanding | Anue Juheng – Juheng New Vision

The shipping industry has successively announced the second quarter financial report and July revenue, but the operating results have shown different feelings. Evergreen (2603-TW), Yang Ming (2609-TW) second-quarter profit hit a high, but Wan Hai (2615-TW) profit fell to a 4-quarter low, and from the perspective of revenue in July after entering the peak season, … Read more

Wall Street Journal: YouTube has plans for ‘streaming services store’ – Sound and Vision – News

The idea of ​​the api is nice, but how many people will actually use it? You use a console, set-top box, smart TV, chromecast, cast from a phone or tablet and then you have quick access to Netflix on a large screen. All those people are already using an API. Netflix has an api that … Read more

Ashton Kutcher opened his heart to talk about the rare disease that took away his vision and hearing

Written in INTERNATIONAL the 9/8/2022 · 19:53 hs Ashton Kutcher He is one of the great figures of Hollywood. Protagonist of great comedies of world repercussion, in the last hours he decided to talk about his hardest stage. From that moment in which his life was in suspense, on the brink of collapse. A dramatic … Read more

A shortage of medicine threatens: only for diabetes or also for overweight? Two experts give their vision

Ozempic — ©  Shutterstock The Diabetes League is sounding the alarm now that there is a threat of a shortage of the drug ozempic. It is crucial for people with type 2 diabetes, so the League is calling on doctors to stop prescribing the drug to overweight people in the coming months. But the drug … Read more

[Qiu Zhichang’s Column]”August Day” stock market will be “sunny”! | Anue Juheng – Juheng New Vision

1. Preface (Figure 1: Dow Jones Industrial Average daily candlestick chart, The US Federal Reserve opened on July 27. After the monetary policy interest rate decision-making meeting, it decided to raise the interest rate three yards by 0.75% to control inflation; so far, the FOMC interest rate level has been raised to between 2.25% … Read more

Alonso: “Nobody demonstrates Aston Martin’s commitment and vision” – F1 Drivers – Formula 1

It is not a bolt from the blue, but it is still a shock that marks the beginning of the summer break: Fernando Alonso has formalized its arrival in Aston Martin starting from 2023. The Spanish driver, therefore, leaves the Alpine – now free to promote Oscar Piastri alongside Esteban Ocon – and collects the … Read more

Weak eyesight does not prevent I. Krivickaita from waterboarding: I was told that it is not suitable for the blind | Life

She found ways to engage in activities that were important to her Ieva has been suffering from diabetes for 20 years – as she herself jokes, she considers herself an adult in this area. During this time, the girl has already understood that it is necessary to constantly monitor the disease, be careful, learn from … Read more