Georges Khabbaz to The Voice of Beirut International: I appreciate Egyptian cinema for its antiquity

22 – November – 2022 George Khabbaz The Lebanese actor Georges Khabbaz is present as a guest of honor at the Cairo Film Festival in its forty-fourth session, and on the sidelines of the festival’s activities, “Voice of Beirut International” met with Khabbaz, who spoke about this festival. The upscale and organized festival and its … Read more

How to unlock the “iPhone” with your voice only, even in the “locked” state

“Apple” allows you to unlock the “iPhone” device using only your voice, in iOS 14.6 and later versions. For several years now, Apple’s iOS mobile operating system has included a Voice Control feature that enables users to control a variety of system functions using just their voice. Until recently, one of the limitations of Voice … Read more

Ville Valo – the voice that is due to a combination of asthma and four packs of cigarettes a day

“Baby, join me in death…” Many rock fans (and especially female fans) have been singing their hearts out to HIM and especially Ville Valo’s vocals. Valo never hid that his timbre was due to active smoking, but he also did not spare the full truth – his harmful habit almost killed him. Already in his … Read more

With the loudest voice without an iota of shame or shame.. starring the beautiful actress Suhair Ramzi, may God rest his soul.. in a leaked scene with Adel Imam.!

An old video by the Egyptian artist Adel Emam and the artist Suheir Ramzy from the movie Al-Mazniboun was published on the social networking site, which at its time was able to attract many lovers and fans of the ancient Egyptian cinema. The Egyptian artist, Adel Emam and Suhair Ramzi, are considered one of the … Read more

Santri in Sragen Dies Allegedly Persecuted by Senior, Ministry of Religion Opens Voice

Only, CNN Indonesia — Students from Kedunggalar Ngawi, East Java with the initials DW died in one of the huts boarding school in Sragen, Central Java. The family suspects that the victim died because he was abused by a senior. The suspicions of DW’s parents, Dwi Minto Waluyo, began when the Islamic boarding school who … Read more

As a Ukrainian startup, he was able to revive the voice of Julo Satinsky

Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker,… and Julo Satinsky. How is it possible for them to speak words today that they never recorded? It is called “Speech to speech” voice processing method. This requires artificial intelligence AI, which can create a synthetic sound copy of the input data – in this case Jul’s original voice. The Ukrainian … Read more

“I will no longer be a candidate in 2024, I no longer want to be the voice maker who never has anything”

Jean-Denis Lejeune and politics, end clap. Current municipal councilor in Flémalle and provincial councillor, he has decided to complete his terms of office but no longer intends to represent. “I will not represent myself at the municipal elections. I will remain an adviser until the elections of October 2024, but I will not go any … Read more

Russia Opens Voice about War with NATO, Ready for WW3?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russia accuses Ukraine of attracting the NATO military alliance to go straight to war with it. This was in response to a ‘stray’ missile that flew into the territory of a NATO country which is also Ukraine’s neighbor, Poland. Russian Ambassador to the United States (US) Anatoly Antonov said that the … Read more

Blizzard begins recording Overwatch 2 voice chat for any notifications – Gaming – News

Blizzard has started automatically recording and temporarily saving voice chat in Overwatch 2 in certain countries. If a player reports inappropriate behavior during a play session, the recording will be saved, automatically transcribed and then deleted. The transcripts should enable Blizzard to act more effectively against unwanted behavior; reading a transcript can be faster than … Read more

Tomomi Mineuchi, the voice of Ilulu, announced her retirement from voice acting — Kudasai

This Sunday, the voice actress Tomomi Mineuchi recognized for voicing Ilulu in Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragonby Eiko Tokura Slow Start Ekua en Estab-Life: Great EscapeHanabi Ichijo en Scarlet NexusAlpha one Lapis Re:LiGHTsYae Sakura Yakiniku-ten Sengoku e Ines Fujin en Uma Musume Pretty Derbyannounced through his representation agency I’m Enterprise who will retire from the … Read more