Storm Christopher causes severe flooding in the UK – The News Voice

LONDON. – Storm Christopher has caused heavy flooding in England and Wales in the early hours of this Thursday and has come to endanger the town of Bangor-On-Dee, in northeast Wales, where the vaccine against covid-19 is manufactured from the University of Oxford and AstraZéneca, according to official sources. The heavy snows and rains that … Read more

Winter weather hits parts of Europe, from Poland to Turkey | Voice of America

WARSAW – Extreme cold affects much of Europe, with freezing temperatures cracking train tracks in Poland, snow covers Istanbul in Turkey, and smog increases as coal is burned for heat. A bird flies near the nearly 1,000-year-old Caves Orthodox Monastery, covered in the first snow of winter in Kyev, Ukraine, Friday, Jan.15, 2021. In Switzerland, … Read more

Swells – The Voice of the People

17|01|21 13:32 hs. The number of deaths around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, which originated at the end of 2019, in Wuhan (capital of the province of Hubei, China) exceeded two million this Friday, reaching 2,012,011 deaths. , while the infections exceed 93,900,000 infected. The United States leads the ranking of nations with … Read more

In Photos: Washington prepares for inauguration | Voice of America

A look at the impressive security system in the capital of the United States, Washington DC, four days before the inauguration ceremony and in the face of the dozens of protests called for this Sunday throughout the country in rejection, once again, of some electoral results that have already been certified and whose legitimacy is … Read more

Microsoft now offers new settings to give you more control over your voice data | Technology

Microsoft is updating the way it asks for permission to use voice data from users. Some changes will begin to be seen in the way they manage voice data, although giving the consumer more freedom. After the latest movements with WhatsApp, it has been made clear that the public does not allow their data to … Read more

Hong Kong and “blitzchung” | RDMandrake unstoppable unleashes his Tica Fury | Thundercats Live Action for Netflix by Pabbenik Media Podcasts • A podcast on Anchor

The time of Vals 1,2,3, 1,2,3 is already here program 15 of The Gaming Show # 1 of the Dominican Republic today without the emissary of Wakanda Oscar nor the business owner Pabenick in this installment of chambelan We have: -Nintendo removed A Dark Room from the eShop after the author of the port revealed … Read more


The Voice of Almería A TRUCK AGAINST BREAST CANCER The transport company ESP Solutions presented yesterday to the group of Mastectomized Women of Almería (Amama) its ‘solidarity truck’ that will carry the name of the association throughout Europe and whose kilometers traveled throughout a year will be translated into euros donated to the entity. The … Read more

The decline of the Trump presidency from a historical perspective | Voice of America

The events after the elections on November 3 in the United States have shocked the country and the world. What will remain of Donald Trump’s legacy and how can President-elect Joe Biden move forward on the main routes of his government program? The Voice of america He interviewed US presidential historian Douglas Brinkley in Austin, … Read more

Episode 9- Adjunctive treatment in breast cancer Her2 Positivo by Breast cancer, the two sides of consciousness • A podcast on Anchor

For this second episode, Lic. Angélica Fernández Pérez, Psychologist with a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with breast cancer patients at the National Medical Center “La Raza” of the IMSS, will talk about early detection and coping: thoughts, behaviors and emotional relationships. .

Europe prepares for Biden | Voice of America

Within days of Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th president of the United States, America’s European allies are preparing for the new administration. For European leaders, Biden’s return to the White House, which he left four years ago as Barack Obama’s vice president, along with familiar faces in key foreign and security positions, is reassuring. … Read more