Meloni at the rally in Naples: “Now it’s your turn with the vote”

NAPLES – Minutes numbered and no intention of making promises to the South. Or of denying Ally Salvini’s anxiety about autonomy. Giorgia Meloni he knows that the opponent is in the heart of Naples Giuseppe Conte. So he avoids the crowds, accepts the invitation of Confindustria Napoli, but not that of the coffee in Piazza … Read more

TPP11 in a tug of war: PC asks Boric to withdraw it, Marcel says that the vote is “a fact” and the claims for Tohá’s role

A new chapter in the political plot to approve the TPP11 (Trans-Pacific Partnership or Trans-Pacific Association) It happened this Thursday. In the midst of the tug of war and the back and forth of the government, the PC agreed to the call for President Gabriel Boric to withdraw the project that ratifies Chile’s accession to … Read more

MPR and KPU Godok Closed Proportional Pileg Option, Voters Only Vote for Political Parties

JAKARTA, – The Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) and the General Elections Commission (KPU)KPU) RI considers the legislative election (pileg) to be carried out with a system closed proportional. This was revealed after a meeting between the two parties at the KPU RI office on Wednesday (21/9/2022). “An interesting suggestion from the KPU chairman … Read more

The facsimile of the ballot paper in the general elections of 25 September 2022 (and how to vote)

Sunday 25 September 2022, from 7 to 23, Italy vote to renew the Parliament. The renewal of the Chamber and Senate takes place earlier than the natural deadline of 2023, following the resignation of the government chaired by Mario Draghi, which was followed by the dissolution of Parliament decreed by the President of the Republic … Read more

Elections: Meloni, Letta swaps national interest with his own? – Last hour

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 20 – “I wonder if Letta went to ask for and obtain the cap on the price of gas against which Germany opposes because if he has obtained it, let’s say good Letta”, otherwise, he went to ask for a support three days after the vote and this “I also find … Read more

2022 ballot paper: how to vote for the House and Senate

Pink for the House, yellow for the Senate. These are the ballots that will be delivered to the voters Sunday 25 September in the seats that they will be open from 7 to 23. We also vote in hospitals, including Covid departments, and in prisons. Voting is also possible for young people who are abroad … Read more

“Desperate left, I expect everything before the vote” – Libero Quotidiano

On the day of the meeting in Pontida, and after the hard question and answer at a distance with Mario Draghihere it is Matteo Salvini sounds the charge in an interview granted to QN. An interview in which he talks about his plans, his hypothetical future government, replies to the accusations that rained seamlessly in … Read more

how the electoral law will affect the September 25 vote

His profile is more reassuring, institutional and perhaps a little less glamorous of his coalition comrades, Renzi, Boschi and Calenda, yet none like him will influence the upcoming elections and the birth of the new government. Without knowing it, we say his name every day. IS Ettore Rosato, father of the Rosatellum, the electoral law … Read more

The ban on Russian and Belarusian biathletes continues. Just bastards, they’re obviously afraid of us, responds the legend

After the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Russian and Belarusian biathletes did not compete in the final three parts of the last World Cup season. The IBU suspended the national unions on March 29. On Friday, the Congress in Salzburg confirmed with a significant majority the proposal of the IBU … Read more

Draghi’s broadsides on Salvini, Orban and the twists and turns on weapons in Ukraine. Then she jokes: «What vote do I? You embroider… »- The videos

Mario Draghi it has something for everyone. After all, you know, “he was lowered from above”, she jokes several times during the Press conferenceafter the green light of the Cdm al Aid decree ter. But Draghi is keen to keep the point on foreign policy and on what was the action of the executive in … Read more