How fast we walk impacts our heart health

Walk is one of the healthier activities what we can do Specialists say that brisk walking regularly can help us keep a healthy weight Y lose fat corporal, prevent or control various conditionsincluding heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and type 2 diabetes, improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones and muscles and the immune system, … Read more

WOŚP 2022 – auctions. Walk with professor Marcin Matczak and lunch with Marshal Tomasz Grodzki at the GOCC auction

This year, you can bid for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for a walk around Wrocław with professor Marcin Matczak from the Faculty of Law of the University of Warsaw. There is also lunch with the Senate Marshal. There was also an auction of TVN24 journalists. Professor Marcin Matczak from the Faculty of Law … Read more

The longest walk down the aisle in history? All because of who was walking in front of the bride

Vets Ericka and Jay Johnson got married last year at Tohono Chul Botanical Gardens in Arizona (United States), but only now the foreign media is writing about the unusual details of the ceremony. The bride admitted that she may have had one of the slowest walks down the aisle in history, all because of Tom’s … Read more

Beer for breakfast on a walk? That shocked Slavia’s strength

“Normally, when I came to the new club, I was one of the best runners on the team. Then I came to Slavia and it was a completely different level, “admits Madsen. After moving to Eden from the Austrian LASK, he also had to fight with weight. “In my previous team, we played more physically … Read more

The first pictures from behind the scenes of the series “The Walk” by Mohamed Ramadan and Dina El-Sherbiny.. Watch the features of their characters

Mohamed Ramadan revealed the start of filming his new series, “Al-Meshwar”, which is co-starring with the artist Dina El-Sherbiny, and is scheduled to be shown in Ramadan 2022, with the participation of a large group of drama stars. Muhammad Ramadan reveals the features of the characters of the series “Al Mishwar” Mohamed Ramadan, through his … Read more

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated with the Omicron variant! Those caught become weak and unable to walk.

OMICRON AFFECTS PATIENTS IN DIFFERENT WAYS Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center. Craig Spencer reported that, unlike the first wave in March 2020, fewer patients needed oxygen therapy. “But the issues that need to be talked about are not over, Omicron affects patients in different ways,” Spencer said, citing his experience … Read more

IMI drops in 39 chambers and there are 180 with minimum rate – IMI

Of the 308 municipal councils in the country, 180 decided to apply the municipal property tax (IMI) this year at the minimum rate of 0.3%. Only 20 practice rates above 0.4% and of these nine have the maximum rate of 0.45%. The numbers come from information transmitted to the Ministry of Finance until December 31 … Read more

Nayanthara goes for an evening walk; Video

Nayantara is holding someone’s hand at the end of the video. Fans are in doubt as to whether her lover is Vignesh Sivan Nayanthara is proving that she is a lady superstar with every movie she makes. ‘Kathuvakkula Randu Kathal’ directed by Vighnesh Sivan is Nayanthara’s upcoming film. Nayanthara’s new video is trending on social … Read more

Rather walk, they must encourage car ads in France

France took a similar approach in 2007 for overly salty, sweet and greasy foods in an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle. Car advertising is about reducing road traffic and reducing the impact on the environment. The motor vehicle advertisement will now have to include one of the following messages: “Prefer walking or cycling for … Read more