Jiří Procházka explains why he wanted to wrestle with only one hand

Following the unpleasant injury, which UFC president Dana White described as the worst shoulder injury in the organization’s history, several foreign sources reported that Jiří was ready to fight Glover Teixeira with only one hand, which would clearly correspond to the mentality of our samurai. The BJP has now confirmed that it did indeed consider … Read more

Experienced in Kherson: They wanted to destroy us mentally – World

AT Eleven places were found in Kherson where the Russians carried out torture, as well as at least 63 dead bodies with signs of torture. In the meantime, 430 investigations have been opened for possible war crimes – this is the provisional balance sheet of the Ukrainian authorities from the Kherson region. The Ukrainian army … Read more

Every American wanted a car like that

They tried to bring together a vehicle with a European appearance, size and weight, but it only succeeded “from a distance”. The Mustang’s market rivals were the Chevy Camaro and the Pontiac Firebird. Click on the picture, a gallery opens!Source: Retro Mobile The “pony car” category is an American invention, the definition goes roughly like … Read more

“He was an incredible boy, who always wanted to see people happy”

Thursday evening, the facts of which Jason was the victim had the effect of a bomb in the region of Chimay. It must be said that the circumstances of his disappearance shocked a large number of citizens, friends and acquaintances. The 16-year-old unfortunately succumbed to several stab wounds at the bus station. *********** **** *** … Read more

Castes: “I wanted to get married, but my friend’s father said that we are not of the same social rank”

November 26, 2022 Photo credit, Alassane Dia/BBC image caption, Ramata Ba says he does not understand the failure of his matrimonial project. Ramata Ba fell in love with a compatriot. But her desire to marry the suitor came up against the refusal of the future father-in-law, who did not want their marital union on the … Read more

Russia originally wanted to attack a completely different state, escaped from the FSB

Russia was preparing to attack another country. And that already since the summer of 2021, i.e. long before Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine. This is according to the whistleblower of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), who revealed the original plans of Russia. On March 17, Russian human rights activist Vladimir Osechkin received … Read more

“If I really wanted to, Borgerhout would have exploded”: Abou Jahjah, 20 years after the riots that landed him in prison (Binnenland)

© RR, Bart Dewaele Public enemy number one. State-dangerous rioter. Agent provocateur. The epithets that Dyab Abou Jahjah (51) once wore as a badge of honor, are in 2022 gathering dust somewhere deep in a drawer. The days when he took to the streets with his Arab European League (AEL) are also a distant memory … Read more

She is Venezuelan, she wanted to work as a chef in the United States but ended up deported

The tiktoker identified as Nenny Lize She is originally from Caracas, Venezuela.. After finishing his studies to become a chef, applied for a job in the United States. When they accepted her, she believed that he had finally achieved what he wanted so muchbut he never imagined that his dream would find an abrupt end. … Read more

A guest on Russian TV wanted to attack “Nazi” Kazakhstan. The startled presenter takes a step back

“Let’s draw attention to the fact that Kazakhstan is another problem. Because the same Nazi processes as in Ukraine can start there,” Russian political scientist Dmitry Drobnitsky said on the Polnyi Kontakt program on Tuesday. Moderator Solovyov apparently liked the idea and immediately added: “And we have the longest border there.” Drobnitsky agrees and adds: … Read more

Link to Install WA GB WhatsApp GB Apk 13.50 Update Wanted, Here’s How to Download Original WA and Without Expires

VOICE OF FREEDOM JOGJA – Information cara download WA GB WhatsApp GB Apk 13.50 update, instal WA GB the original, download WA GB without expiration, and download WA GB Meta searching for. Listen link instal WA GB WhatsApp GB Apk 13.50 update and cara download WA the original and without expiration from Meta through this … Read more