You will be a special target, Zelenskyy warned Russian soldiers before attacks on the Zaporizhzhia power plant

“Every Russian soldier who shoots either at the power plant or from its shelter must realize that he is becoming a special target for our intelligence, special services and military,” the Ukrainian president noted in a video about developments on the front. “And absolutely all representatives of the terrorist state, as well as those who … Read more

Canan Karatay warned that “That information is history”! He explained both the cause and the remedy for the pain. Headache, joint pain, knee and lower back pain… Anyone who does this gets rid of it all

Canan Karatay warned, “That information has become history,” and explained both the cause and the remedy for all pains. Headache, knee pain, joint pain, lower back pain, muscle pain… If you do this, all your pain will go away… prof. Dr. Good news came from Canan Karatay for those who wake up in the morning … Read more

Russia warned the US: Washington may reach a point of no return

In an interview with the TASS news agency, Alexander Darchiev, head of the North American Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, stated this. Asked if a “degradation” of diplomatic relations between Moscow and Washington was being considered, Darchiev said: “I would not like to engage in hypothetical discussions of what is possible and what is … Read more

Chronology of Soccer Players in Sukabumi Killed by Lightning, Police: They Have Been Warned, but… – Competed in a friendly match, a soccer player at the Korpri Cisaat Stadium, Sukabumi, West Java, killed by lightningSaturday (13/8/2022). The victim was identified as Edi Kurniawan (35), a resident of Cangkorah Village, Cikarang Village. “The match lasted for about 15 minutes, suddenly lightning struck and hit the victim, causing the victim to … Read more

Twente strolls (with the thrill). Viola warned, on the 18th the journey to Florence

After the goal conceded at the start, Twente wins easily and gives Fiorentina to the preliminary of the Conference League Cukaricki Serbs needed a half miracle to pass the preliminary round of the Conference League against Twente: the Dutch started from the 3-1 obtained in Serbia seven days ago, and improved the result tonight in … Read more

Formula 1 | Hamilton had warned Mercedes F1 about his lifestyle: ‘Don’t control me’

Lewis Hamilton has a lifestyle that may be surprising for an F1 driver, but which has never prevented him, quite the contrary, from signing incredible performances. The highlight of this ‘Hamilton lifestyle’ was perhaps in 2018 at the Singapore Grand Prix. A few days before the weekend, Lewis Hamilton was in New York for Fashion … Read more

Do not do it. The MP warned the US Open champion against a coach from Russia

The bizarre cycle of the 19-year-old player’s coaches took another unexpected turn. Last year’s champion from Flushing Meadows surprised in this regard right after her life triumph last year in New York, when she broke up with Andrew Richardson, who led her to a sensational triumph. Subsequently, it alternated between periods without a coach and … Read more

Rodrigo González and the day he warned Tepha about Peña: “How little you know him” | EYE-SHOW

In recent days it has emerged that Sergio Pena would have ended his affair with Tepha Loza after a few months of relationship. And it is that some did not have faith in this couple, among them Rodrigo Gonzalezwho predicted that they would not last long. In the month of May, when they had just … Read more

Energy crisis, EU | Warned before the summit: – Putin wants to destroy the everyday lives of all European families

On Tuesday, EU energy ministers met to hold an extraordinary meeting on gas stocks in Europe and energy security ahead of winter, as there is a real danger of energy shortages for the winter due to Russia’s brake on gas supplies. On Tuesday morning, Ukraine’s foreign minister was already out with a strong warning. – … Read more

Do they call you to give you the Covid vaccine? The new scam that the authorities have warned about

READ MORE The authorities have warned about a new scam after the appearance of several cases with similar characteristics. On this occasion, criminals take advantage of the pandemic and vaccination against coronavirus. The Department of Health of Catalonia, like the Mossos d’Esquadra, have issued a warning about this type of scam, in which it is … Read more