Why can’t I watch my favorite series on Netflix anymore? Why doesn’t Netflix have what I’m looking for?

Netflix will invest some 17,000 million dollars in content in 2022 so as not to be left behind in the tough competition for the leadership of the streaming content market. (GettyImages). Netflix adds a lot of new content to its offer of movies and series every month. It is precisely this quality that keeps us … Read more

6 Signs of High Cholesterol in the Body to Watch Out for

loading… Signs of high cholesterol in the body need to be watched out for. The reason is, soaring cholesterol levels can cause various serious health problems such as stroke. Photo/Medical News Today JAKARTA – Signs of high cholesterol on the body need to be careful. The reason is, the rate cholesterol soaring can cause various … Read more

Ibn Musk’s coin rises 16000000000%.. Watch out By Investing.com

© Reuters Investing.com – Elon Musk’s frenzy doesn’t stop at the stock market’s borders, while extending to a market not just via controversial tweets. The name of the phenomenon, Elon Musk, has been associated with controversial matters, not only through tweets that support or attack currencies, but also through digital currencies that are linked to … Read more

Jordan – huawei watch gt 3.. Huawei watch price and specifications

(MENAFN– Khaberni) News – Huawei recently launched its new distinctive smart watch, Huawei Watch Gt 3 in the United Kingdom. The new Huawei Watch Gt 3 is characterized by many features and specifications, which make it one of the most important smart watches in the market, after the company distinguished in its previous version the … Read more

NASA’s New Observatory in Space Observes Black Holes and Supernovas – Atjeh Watch

Jakarta – NASA’s newest X-ray eye is open and ready to make unexpected discoveries. Just about a month into space, the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) is up and running and ready to focus on some of the hottest and most energetic objects in the universe. IXPE is a collaboration between NASA and the Italian … Read more

Watch what happened to the iPhone 13 Pro Max after it was subjected to severe tests

One of the famous channels on YouTube reviewed a video that showed the capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro Max to withstand the harshest tests. Among the most difficult tests that the phone underwent was the test of the screen’s ability to resist scratches, after the expert tried to cut the screen with a sharp … Read more

I will not watch the World Cup, thousands of workers died during the construction of the stadiums, says the football icon

Cantona understands that football is about business, but she intends to boycott this championship. In his opinion, the countries that the championship should help to promote football and expand the player base in the country, both men and women, deserve to be organized. According to the Canton in Qatar, none of this is imminent. “I … Read more

2022 NBA Watch (Part 2): Should Luka release the ball? How to line up the first team of rookies in the season? – NBA – Basketball

(Continued from the previous article:2022 NBA Watch (Part 1): Joel Embiid also starting to handle the ball? Is it time for Jerami Grant to leave the Motor City?) 5. Brunson should start with Luka At the beginning of December last year, after Luka Doncic suffered an ankle injury and triggered a health and safety protocol, … Read more

watch out for the dangers to your eyes

Vaping will damage your eyes. A study had recently updated the dangers of flavored liquids for your heart, we now learn that vaping would also be dangerous for your eyes. According to a news american study published in the International Journal of Ophtalmology, using electronic cigarettes would have harmful effects on the eyes. In question, … Read more

Facebook’s watch would have three photo sensors designed for virtual reality

We know more about the Meta Watch thanks to patents discovered by the LetsGoDigital site. In addition to its removable screen, it would be equipped with several cameras for virtual, augmented or mixed reality. After Connected Screens Portal and virtual reality headsets oculus, the Meta group could go further in the design of devices. Last … Read more