Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ Specsheet Leaked

The introduction of the Galaxy S23 series will take place on February 1, but we will probably not be faced with many surprises. Most details of the new flagship smartphone have already been leaked. For example, a spec sheet has now been published with the specifications of the Galaxy S23 and the S23 +. Samsung … Read more

Samsung wearables will (soon) get more out of the camera

Samsung has added two new functions to the camera app when using various wearables. Read on to find out if the features work for you too.

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Photos And Specs Of Samsung Galaxy A34 And A54 Leaked

The first details of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A54 have now been leaked. Both low-cost smartphones have been featured on leaked renders. We also already know a lot about the specifications of the smartphones. Most people are looking forward to the introduction of the Galaxy S23 series that Samsung is on will present … Read more

“Successor Surface Duo smartphone gets a foldable screen”

The Surface Duo from Microsoft is a foldable smartphone that has two separate screens with a hinge in between. According to the latest rumors, Microsoft is now working on a successor that is equipped with one large folding screen instead of two separate screens. The website Windows Central claims that Microsoft will switch to a … Read more

OnePlus NOT Working On OnePlus 11 Pro

OnePlus recently released the OnePlus 11 presented in its home country of China and next month the new flagship smartphone will also be announced for the European market. If you are waiting for the Pro version of the OnePlus 11, then we have bad news. OnePlus CEO Li Jie has indicated that we should not … Read more

Realme GT Neo 5 May With 240W Fast Charge

Realme has revealed that the company will introduce the Realme GT Neo 5 in February. The manufacturer has also already shared the first details about the smartphone. For example, we know that the GT Neo 5 can fast charge with no less than 240W. Of Realme GT Neo 5 is the first smartphone to use … Read more

The Best Affordable Samsung Smartphones For 2023

It seems as if smartphones are getting more expensive every year, which is not a positive trend, especially in the current time. Fortunately, we also see a positive trend going around at the same time. Budget smartphones are getting better and better, so it is no longer necessary to get a flagship device at home. … Read more

TCL NXTPAPER 12 Pro With QHD Display And Detachable Keyboard Announced

TCL has announced a new tablet. The TCL NXTPAPER 12 Pro is a large Android tablet with a QHD resolution, a detachable keyboard and a stylus. It is still unclear when the tablet will appear on the market in the Netherlands. TCL announced several new devices at CES in Las Vegas. For example, we previously … Read more

Samsung Action Gives Up To 150 Euro Cashback On Samsung Galaxy S22, Z Fold 4 and Flip 4

Samsung has started a new cashback promotion where consumers receive 100 to 150 euros cashback when purchasing a new flagship smartphone. The cashback promotion is valid until January 22. Are you considering purchasing a device in the Galaxy S22-serie or maybe you want to get the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Galaxy Z Flip 4? … Read more

Error: Fitbit Charge 5 and Luxe No Longer Sync With Android 13 On Samsung Smartphones

People with a Fitbit Charge 5 and a Fitbit Luxe can no longer sync with a Samsung smartphone running Android 13 due to an error. Fitbit has announced that it is working on a fix. People with a Fitbit Charge 5 or a Fitbit Luxe probably want to start the year off right by moving … Read more