The James Webb has already fully deployed its mirror as it approaches the L2 point

The James Space Telescope Webb has completed the complex deployment of its mirrors this week, and that’s it close to completion your journey to the point Lagrange L2, where it will begin to orbit the Sun at about 1,500,000 km from Earth. The James Webb is approaching ya al second Lagrange point, a position in … Read more

How NASA communicates with the James Webb Telescope from so far away

NASA continues to closely monitor the deployment of its James Webb Observatory. How does the agency manage to communicate with the space telescope, which will soon be 1.5 million kilometers away? He has already traveled more than 800,000 kilometers in space, on January 19, 2022. The James Webb Space Telescope continues its journey towards its … Read more

Webb Space Telescope Mirror Opening

CG: space A new milestone in the field of space; Webb telescope mirror opening; Achievement is very important; For the search for stars and galaxies; Also life outside the solar system; Operates mid-year; The operating period of the ISS is extended; Coin bearing the image of the first female astronaut; Video commemorates astronaut Mark Kelly; … Read more

James Webb Telescope Replaces Hubble, Check Out Its Functions and Missions Here

MEDIA BLITAR – Sempat viral What Did Hubble See On Your Birthday, Teleskop Hubble soon to retire. James Webb which was launched on December 24, 2021 ago, reportedly telescope this is in the process of opening the sunscreen or heat shield from the sun. As the successor of the Telescope Hubble, telescope James Webb have … Read more

The sky is not the limit | James Webb is ready, news from Mars and more

In the world of astronomy, the second week of the year was marked by news about space exploration. News of missions to Mars has arrived, but not all very exciting. Perseverance, for example, had difficulties with a sample collection and its instrument may be clogged. On the other hand, James Webb is doing very well, … Read more

Scientists detect water vapor in “Super Neptune” .. Will it be the first mission of James Webb?

Scientists have monitored “water vapor” in the atmosphere of the planet “Super Neptune”, which bears the scientific name “TOI-674 b”. An international team led by Jonathan Brandi from the University of Kansas, USA, said that the recently discovered planet (TOI-674 b), which is slightly larger than Neptune, and orbits a red dwarf star about 150 … Read more

What will the James Webb Space Telescope See the First Time?

The James Webb Space Telescope begins the long process of aligning 18 segments REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MARYLAND — As the James Webb Space Telescope began the long process of aligning its 18 main mirror segments. A question then arose in the astronomical community: What would the large observatory see first? Webb successfully flew into space on December … Read more

who was James Webb, the man who names the most powerful space telescope to date

On December 25, space exploration experienced a historic moment, the James Webb Space Telescope successfully completed its takeoff and began a new era of sidereal research. What we already explained in Xataka, its importance lies in the fact that it is a hundred times more powerful than its predecessor, so it will allow humanity to … Read more

James Webb and how he can revolutionize science from the universe

More than a million kilometers away, the telescope James Webb it is fully deployed waiting to arrive at its next “work center” to carry out one of the most important scientific missions in history: to look at the universe as no one has ever seen it. Last Christmas, when the world celebrated one of the … Read more