This drug has allowed obese patients to lose up to 15% of their weight

Wegovy is an injectable drug that has allowed obese patients to lose an average of 15% of their body weight. If this treatment looks miraculous, uncertainties persist about its long-term effects. Nearly one in two French people is overweight or obese according to a recent study coordinated by Inserm. A public health problem whose incidence … Read more

“ZUMBA Burn It Up! “How many kilograms can you lose in a month in the public weight loss challenge documentary video? Zumba: Burn It Up!

Seya Co., Ltd. released the use of “Zumba: Burn it Up! New Price Edition, a documentary video of the weight-loss challenge, which is currently on sale. 《Zumba: Burn it Up!》is a world-wide lifestyle course combining Zumba, fitness, entertainment, culture and other elements, packaged into 3 game modes, and up to 4 players can play at … Read more

Want to lose weight? One of these shakes a day, you don’t even know how good it would do you

Bdrink a glass of this shake on an empty stomach and throughout the day, whenever you feel hungry. You will see that you will lose weight and be healthy. According to the Nueva Mujer portal, this ‘smoothie’ is beneficial for those in the process of losing weight because both pineapple, soursop and chia are purifying … Read more

Rarely Known, These 7 Delicious Foods Can Help You Lose Weight!

For many people, dieting can be difficult and scary. This is related to the stigma that the culprit must be highly committed to staying away from good food. Nutritionists also agree that fried foods, sweet dishes, and processed foods are the main enemies that trigger diet failure. However, did you know that diet doesn’t have … Read more

Weight loss: Can appetite suppressant injections solve the problem of obesity?

James Ghalaghar Health editor, BBC March 20, 2023 photo comment, Two versions of semaglutide are sold, one for weight loss and one for people with diabetes You can’t avoid the hype around weight loss injections. Social media is littered with before and after pictures of people using these injections. These images have become a source … Read more

Gwyneth Paltrow shares unhealthy beauty tips: “Living at the bottom of your weight range”

Gwyneth Paltrow has become an ambassador for healthy living. His company GOOP is responsible for disseminating such content. But it is not only a web page, but a podcast and even a series on Netflix. The actress and businesswoman, Gwyneth Paltrow, gave something to talk about by sharing unhealthy beauty tips, in her new podcast … Read more

The juice that will help you lose weight in a healthy way

QWant to lose weight without compromising your health? Say ‘no’ to exaggerated slimming regimes. Choose to adapt your diet and start exercising regularly. To help you in this process, the Terra portal shared a recipe for grape juice with coconut water that will be a great ally. Take note. Also Read: You only need five … Read more

Semaglutide: the risks of the weight loss drug

Credit, Getty Images Article information Author, Essay Role, BBC News World March 20, 2023 Businessman Elon Musk claims that he has already used semaglutide and, according to some US media, starting this treatment has become “Hollywood’s worst kept secret”. It is a weight loss injection whose popularity is growing in many parts of the world … Read more