Can’t lose any weight? The problem is not in your subconscious!

Many scientists come together on a common denominator about obesity; “Overeating is a problem of the subconscious, not the body.” Think of an iceberg, the iceberg itself is conscious, while the part that is under the water is the subconscious or unconscious. From a psychological point of view, eating is a very relaxing and satisfying … Read more

Ronaldo il Fenomeno turns 46: Inter, the origin of the name, France ’98 case, weight problems, vasectomy. Where have you been

He turns 46 today Ronaldo the Phenomenoneven if, in reality, as told by journalist James Mosley (author of the investigative book Ronaldo: the journey of a genius), born on September 18th and only recorded on the 22nd. The Brazilian with fairy feet who had begun to pull the first kicks with the Sao Cristovao youth … Read more

Beware of sudden diabetes, weight loss and abdominal pain of unknown origin.

In Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital, which has been serving the people of the region since 2010, endoscopic ultrasound is performed for the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Stating that there has been a significant increase in cancer cases compared to previous years, Gastroenterology Specialist Berat EbikHe pointed out that one of the most … Read more

Yamaha XSR900 Test Da Da Da

If you post the headline If you don’t have a melody in your head and repeat the ingeniously simple chant, you must have missed the eighties. And the brief but enduring rule of the Neue Deutsche Welle: an art form that expressed their dissatisfaction with the state of the world, or even their disinterest in … Read more

Do you know who Emma D’Aquino is: age, height, weight, husband, children, work and private life

Emma D’Aquino is a journalist who has covered many important events in recent years as a Porta a Porta correspondent. You were in New York on the occasion of the attack on the Twin Towers, you followed the cases of Cogne and the crime of Via Poma working for the Bruno Vespa program on Italian … Read more

In the photo – Angela Bishara draws attention with her beauty after she lost a lot of weight .. and the audience compares her to the game “Barbie”

PostedAngela Bishara​, the divorced Lebanese artistWael KfouryA new photo of her on her personal page on the social networking site from her eldest daughter Michelle’s birthday celebration. Angela appeared different from before, after she lost a lot of weight, and her hairstyle and soft makeup made her beautiful and natural features stand out more, prompting … Read more

Walnuts improve nutrition and protect against cardiovascular diseases – healing practice

How walnuts enable healthy aging When people start regularly early in life walnuts Eating it is associated with a variety of beneficial effects later in life, including a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. In a new study involving experts from University of Minnesota School of Public Health was the association between the consumption of walnuts … Read more

Weight loss: the water / baking soda mixture, a false good idea?

For effective weight loss, some Tik Tok users recommend the water/baking soda mixture. We agree, it makes us think more of a method for cleaning than for to lose weight ? However, it is a product that has already proven its benefits. For example, it helps to digest but also to eliminate toxins. According to … Read more

Ducati Monster SP Sharper goods

Nothing has changed on the drive: The Monster SP is also powered by the Testastretta 11° engine, a liquid-cooled 4-valve twin with 111 hp and desmodromic valve control. The aluminum front frame, inspired by the Panigale V4 and fixed directly to the engine heads, also remains unchanged. The SP version stands out though befitting its … Read more

5 carbohydrates that help us lose weight

Although in the past it was believed that in order to shed unwanted pounds, all carbohydrates must be eliminated from the diet, well, studies have shown that there are two categories of carbohydrates, namely: those that favor the weight loss process, the so-called good carbohydrates, and those that promote fattening, the so-called bad (refined) carbohydrates. … Read more