15 years providing social welfare – Táchira State Government

Institutional articulation allows to respond in the municipalities of Táchira// Like any celebration, joy overflowed the auditorium of the San Cristóbal Civic Center after celebrating the XV anniversary of the José Gregorio Hernández Mission. The most vulnerable elderly and disabled people were the protagonists of the act in which canes and special chairs were delivered … Read more

Elderly bill, what the enabling law on old age and active aging provides

“A NEW WELFARE” – The Minister of Labour, Marina Calderone (pictured), talks about a reform that “in fact will affect how our constantly aging society looks at that stage of life and manages its needs”, going to “design a new welfare”. The Deputy Minister for Labour, Maria Teresa Bellucci, claims “an historic objective” with a … Read more

Have you not yet vaccinated your child (yes, in male) against the human papilloma virus? Reasons why it should be done

Until the end of this year, the autonomous communities must finance the vaccine against human papillomavirus also for boysuntil now only restricted to the vaccination schedule of the 12 year old girlsas a measure of cervical cancer prevention. But, the reality is that it is a virus that is transmitted through the sexual intercourse, in … Read more

how to take care of it through nutrition?

Stress due to work or a personal situation, meals taken too quickly, lack of time, socio-economic factors, these phenomena can generate some stress or discomfort and promote poor mental health. What if nutrition had a role to play in this balance? If, as the illustrious British anthropologist and ethnologist Jane Goodall asserts, We are what … Read more

The shelter for homeless families is substandard

Facts Management & policy March 20, 2023 Last updated: March 19, 2023 The conditions in these shelters are often far from ideal, especially for the children Family care is under pressure. It is (too) crowded and that especially affects children. “Families often have to camp in very small spaces. It is often messy, noisy, and … Read more

Why passive happiness is more effective for your well-being (and 4 places where you can find it)

when you wear your favorite song or plan a weekend in the country with your family what you do is actively build your happiness. That is, you do something concrete to create a moment of happiness. When you incorporate into your life happy habits as do exercisetake care of your social relationships o be thankfulit … Read more

How can 39 minutes of sleep make or break your child’s health?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — A new study finds that one of the keys to keeping your child happy and healthy is making sure he gets enough sleep consistently. This is not surprising for parents, right? Results show that 39 minutes of sleep can make a huge difference. In a study published in JAMA … Read more

The goddess suddenly posted late-night welfare photos! Zeng Guanting’s “Naked Spring Light, Closed Eyes and Soup” is a seductive picture that turns over the Internet | Entertainment | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Lin Mingrou / Comprehensive report ▲ Zeng Guanting shared many hot holiday photos. (Picture / Recap from Zeng Guanting IG) Please read on…. Taiwanese drama goddessZeng Guanting not only performed well in all aspects of the entertainment industry, but also made many friends in the circle. She likes to share her life through the … Read more

Dormant virus in people with HIV wakes up with medicine against parasites

HIV hides in immune cells and remains there in a dormant state A commonly used anti-parasitic drug awakens the virus from a dormant state in people with HIV. Scientists at Erasmus MC discovered this in the first study in which this drug was tested in people living with HIV. “The road to recovery is still … Read more