How is the replacement for the Volkswagen Gol that already has a date of arrival in Argentina

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE The Polo Track, made in Brazil, will be the new cheap car with which VW wants to lead the market again. It launches in June. When in Argentina It has not yet been a year since the end of the commercialization of the Volkswagen Gol zero kilometerThe date on which the replacement for … Read more

The Standard Chartered prediction that just got on Bitcoin’s nerves

The Bitcoin it could fall to $5,000 by 2023, according to the opinion of analysts at the British bank Standard Chartered. If that level is reached, the reference cryptocurrency would mark a drop of approximately 70% from current levels at $17,000 and it would therefore go to prices not seen since the outbreak of the … Read more

which frequency band should be used

the technology of wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi) has evolved remarkably in recent years, managing to adapt to the needs of increasingly demanding usersand did it in an agile way, focusing on offering features for multiple IoT (Internet of Things) devices or simply for surf the net. One of its main innovations, which many may be … Read more

The celebrities who stopped banking Agustín from Big Brother after his reprehensible sayings

Jimena Barón, Malena Guinzburg and the ex GH Martín Pepa, among others, targeted the controversial participant. In recent days, a video in which Agustín de Big Brother making reprehensible statements about what he does with the erotic photos that women send him and many celebrities who banked him decided get off the “frodoneta”. “Agustín just … Read more

The car with an Argentine seal that cannot circulate on the streets

The P900 is the latest creation of the brand founded by the Argentine De Tomaso, in its new stage with Chinese DNA. There are cars that are so extreme and bestial that cannot circulate on public roads: their use is limited exclusively to competition circuits, or to any other private use that has nothing to … Read more

Why can they deny entry to the United States?

The most frequent reasons for the refusal to enter the USA. The entry a USA depends on the approval of the immigration authorities. Regarding this decision, there are grounds of inadmissibility that are clear. These reasons, as the site note explains ToughtCoare adjusted before the orders of visas nonimmigrant -in this group are the permits … Read more

What is behind a drug against diabetes that celebrities use to lose weight

Ozempic, a drug used to treat diabetesis attracting the attention of celebrities, a tech mogul and TikTok influencers have reported taking it to lose weight in a short period of time. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first approved this injectable medication to treat diabetes in 2017; the agency approved a drug with a higher … Read more

A morning tweet by Jumblatt about Major General Othman’s memorandum… What did he say?

Former MP Walid Jumblatt tweeted, “This situation cannot continue in the absence of the judiciary’s authority. Therefore, I understand Major General Othman’s memorandum. Has the state not yet realized the need to adopt an austerity policy and focus on priorities?” This situation cannot continue in the absence of the judiciary’s reference, so I understand Major … Read more

“Al-Sabhan” publishes a tweet about “Al-Maliki” after the fatal mistake he made against Poland…and reveals what he saw in his dream!

Al-Marsad Sports: Hassan Al-Sabhan, known as the King of Expectations, sparked controversy on Twitter by tweeting about the Saudi national team player, Abdul-Ilah Al-Maliki, after the team lost to Poland in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. And “Al-Sabhan” wrote through his personal account on social networking sites Twitter, saying: “I told you about a player … Read more

The story of the saving car that rescued Porsche from the worst crisis in its history

The Boxster appeared in 1993 before the urgencies of the brand to survive. A rush bet that ended in success. In times of almost insurmountable problems, Porsche He found the answer in a compact sports car, more accessible than his emblematic 911 and the result of inventiveness against emergencies. Boxster is not only the name … Read more