A man in Bali stabbed to death in front of his wife and child, starting to stare at the perpetrator

DENPASAR, KOMPAS.com – A man with the initials IPEA (40) died after being beaten and stabbed on Jalan Veteran, Denpasar, Bali, on Tuesday (22/3/2023) around 21.30 WITA. In this incident, the police have arrested two perpetrators, each with the initials IGSP (30), the perpetrator of the stabbing and IDGRS (23), the perpetrator of the beating. … Read more

Watch .. Rania Youssef grabbed the suffocation of the wife of a famous soccer player for this shocking reason

The media, Basma Wahba, raised a state of controversy during the past few hours of today, Wednesday, March 22, 2023, regarding the bold artist Rania Youssef. Basma Wahba published a picture she collected with the artist, Rania Youssef, on her official page on the social networking site for the exchange of videos and photos, Instagram … Read more

Classic match / Ichiro Suzuki did not comment on the performance of Supervisor Kuriyama leading the troops because his wife? | Classics | Sports

2023-03-23 17:09 Comprehensive report by United News Network The Japanese team won the championship with all 7 victories in this classic, and the head coach Hideki Kuriyama has been affirmed.Associated Press The Japanese Samurai team won the classic championship, and the supervisor Hideki Kuriyama retired after the game. After the game, he announced his resignation … Read more

A dentist poisoned a mother of six with poison: He mixed it in her drink!

Dentist James Toliver Craig, living in Colorado, USA, poisoned his wife Angela and mother of six children with arsenic. Then he used cyanide. He put the poison in her protein drink, which the woman drank while exercising. The police found out that the man had been searching for strange passwords at work on the computer … Read more

Wife of Peter Manjarrés criticized colleagues from Vallenatos for the treatment he received

‘Tata’ Becerra spoke of the episode at the Barranquilla Carnival, where they allegedly did not want to give up their partner’s turn to be able to deal with calamity. The sentimental couple of the singer Peter Manjarres told in an interview on the program ‘I know everything’ that at least two artists who were part … Read more

Priluchny’s wife and children attended the premiere of the film he voiced

The animation “Cats of the Hermitage” was presented by Polina Gagarina and Roman Kurtsyn, who took part in the voice acting Photos provided by the press service The social premiere of the cartoon Cats of the Hermitage was held at the Karo 11 Oktyabr cinema center. The stars who voiced the key characters of the … Read more

He threw his wife from the ninth floor in the lawn because of the expenses.. the cameras are the password (shocking details)

Investigations revealed new details in the incident of a worker throwing his wife from the ninth floor in Al-Marj area, and said that a verbal quarrel broke out between the spouses over household expenses before Ramadan came, and developed into the husband throwing his wife out of his bedroom window on the ninth floor. The … Read more

‘Wife marries another man after hiding crores of lottery winnings’; A man with an unusual complaint

There are people who separate from each other due to marital breakdown and file a case after this. Both men and women come as plaintiffs or defendants in this regard. Money is a big factor in most of these cases. Demand for compensation is often made by women. As for women, they also have the … Read more

Wife wants to receive maternity benefits after giving birth… only to find out that “bigamy of the person next to the pillow” is rejected | Tell the truth | International | CTWANT

After giving birth, the wife needs to receive maternity benefits, but is told that her husband and other women are “still married.” (Schematic diagram / flip from pixabay) There is a wife surnamed Wang in Songjiang, Shanghai, China. She wanted to receive maternity benefits after giving birth recently. It turned out that the husband surnamed … Read more

Kabareskrim Has Not Reported LHKPN Since 2018

Wednesday, 22 March 2023 – 06:53 WIB VIVA National – Kabareskrim Polri, Commissioner General of Police, Agus Andrianto is known to have not reported his assets for five years to the KPK. This can be found on the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) website, elhkpn.kpk.go.id. Agus Andrianto is known to have never reported the assets he … Read more