when a brilliant hacker integrates a Wii … in a Gameboy Color

The transformation of old consoles (the modding) has just reached a new level thanks to GingerOfMods. After nine years of work, this genius hacker has succeeded in the somewhat crazy bet of fitting most of the electronics of a Nintendo Wii into a custom case in the format of a Gameboy Color. GingerOfMods – No … Read more

Mud puts Nintendo Wii in case the size of Game Boy Color – Gaming – Geeks

A handy craftsman has concealed the hardware of a Nintendo Wii in a 3D-printed housing the size of a Nintendo Game Boy Color. GingerOfMods worked on its so-called Wii Boy Color for nine months. Photo: GingerOfMods GingerOfMods made changes to the Wii software so that the disk drive is no longer required for operation. As … Read more

A portable Wii? This user has turned the legendary Nintendo desktop into a laptop the size of Game Boy Color

The video game world is full of handymen who are capable of anything. Some time ago we told you that one had made your own Switch from materials purchased separately, plus another that turned his Nintendo 64 into a Game Boy Advance SP. Today we bring you a case very similar to the latter. This … Read more

Hint suggests this Need for Speed ​​installment will return with a remaster

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums Fans of Need for Speed They have not been entirely satisfied with the most recent installments of the saga. However, the outlook looks very good for the series, as returned to the hands of Criterion, study of Burnout. Recently … Read more

The Team screwed up Mission after 11 seconds

For successful predator Online needs heists in GTA your Cleverness, speed and good team work. The game group, which is being celebrated in the “GTA Online”Reddit has all of it. Only she couldn’t show it, because it has failed in absolute record time. GTA Online: This Team has set a record in Failure. GTA Online: … Read more

51 Worldwide Games Review Nintendo-Online.de

In the last few years and due to the Corona-exception situation, especially in the last few weeks have digital games gained a lot of popularity. In this respect, it is little surprising that Nintendo Switch with “51 Worldwide Games”, now a comprehensive collection of analog games donated. Whether this excited or whether we engage in … Read more