The collapse of the wine sector in the face of the perfect storm: A lot of production, little export and a drop in consumption due to the covid

ASAJA Castilla-La Mancha has warned of the collapse of the wine sector if extraordinary measures are not implemented urgently. The agrarian organization has set the month of March as the maximum period for activating the necessary measures to reorganize the wine market. With a production of wine and must higher than those of the initial … Read more

The mediation of the OIV facilitates a safe BREXIT for the wine sector

As recognized by the International Wine Organization (OIV), today we can affirm that the solid bases of harmonization provided by the work of the OIV have allowed the sector to guarantee a safe BREXIT for the wine sector after the agreement between the Kingdom Kingdom and the European Union. In this way, the organization reviews … Read more

David and Victoria Beckham’s new project: a wine cellar

Darren GerrishGetty Images Being with the mind stopped and without projects is not something that goes with Beckham. And the last one they are working on has little to do with the world of design, in which Victoria has devoted all her energies, or the world of sports, which continues to be David Beckham’s main … Read more

Wine press donate for Croatian earthquake victims – region

Personnel issue makes a face-to-face meeting of the Remching municipal council necessary Höfen has to postpone the renovation of the bridge due to financial needs Pressing. “I didn’t expect that, I almost had tears in my eyes”, commented Leonhard Fritsch gratefully at the sight of the three fully loaded pallets with groceries and hygiene items … Read more

Bavaria: Insurance against frosts: money for winegrowers and fruit growers – home

According to the ministry, Bavaria wants to use the support to mitigate weather-related losses in yield. “The offers currently on the market for the insurance of agricultural crops against weather risks are still relatively new and often not economically viable for the farms.” Night frosts have caused enormous damage to wine and fruit growers in … Read more

Peace of mind in the wine and slate sectors in the face of Brexit

The wine and slate exporters face with “tranquility”, at least initially, the period opened by the Brexit agreement. “In five years everything will remain the same”, commented José Luis García Pando, president of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Valdeorras. He explained that the agreement signed by the European Union and the United … Read more

These are the strongest sparkling wine brands in Germany

Rotkäppchen is the best-known sparkling wine brand in 2020 and also has the best brand image Some would like to mark the end of the crisis year with a hearty New Year’s Eve party and popping champagne corks – simply because 2020 is finally over. Since the Corona crisis unfortunately continues, the traditional toasting with … Read more

Interview with a wine expert – “You can find perfect wines even for ten francs”

150,000 different wines are offered in Switzerland – how do you choose? Expert and connoisseur Thomas Vaterlaus at work. Photo: PD Thomas Vaterlaus, is more expensive wine also better wine? Today it is absolutely no longer a problem to find a perfect drop for ten to twenty francs. Know-how and technology on the winemaker’s side … Read more