Like quality wine, Lewandowski is one step closer to being on the same level as Messi and Ronaldo

BUNDESLIGA The former Bayern Munich striker, Mario Gomez, considered Roberts Lewandowski to be like quality wine and performed at the same level as Messi and Ronaldo. <!– –> BOLASPORT.COM – The former striker Bayern Munich, Mario Gomez, judge Robert Lewandowski like fine wine and performed on the same level as Messi and Ronaldo. Striker Bayern … Read more

Where does the confusion about the history of water in wine come from?

In recent weeks, a series of very bellicose declarations and communiqués by the trade association of Italian farmers Coldiretti has given rise to a great debate in newspapers and televisions around a complex negotiation underway in the institutions of the European Union on the regulation of dealcolati wines, that is, those that contain little or … Read more

The bottle of space wine delivered by SpaceX is auctioned for a record amount

🍷🚀 (Image: CHRISTIE’S IMAGES LTD. 2021 / Unsplash) Do you have money left after the explosive growth of Bitcoin and do you drink a glass of wine almost every day, or are you a wealthy space fanatic? Then the prestigious auction house Christie’s has an interesting bottle for you. Meet a new concept: space wine. … Read more

Wine from Space is aging faster than on Earth, how come? The all page Some time ago, cargo outer space SpaceX back from the station Outer Space International (ISS), and brought home a number of items, incl wine or drinks Red grape. The researchers also conducted a study of several red wine drinks that have been on the ISS for about a year. In the study, as reported … Read more

Luis Miguel, La Serie: this is the exclusive wine of “El Sol”

(Foto: Twitter @spiritsnetwork) As in the first installment, the second season of Luis Miguel: The Series has provoked the public’s interest in the most intimate and private aspects of the singer’s life, such as the relationship he had with his daughter Michelle Salas or the story behind hits like Until you forget me. In the … Read more

Anna and Robert Lewandowscy spend time just together. What does he do without crek? “And in the evening with a glass of wine …”

Anna i Robert Lewandowscy they regularly publish photos and videos in which we can see how almost four-year-old Klara and one-year-old Laura are growing up in front of our eyes. At the beginning of May, both girls will celebrate their birthday, and Ania now set one condition for the guests of the kinder party. Both … Read more

Large parts of this year’s French wine production have been ruined by frost

The frost wave in early April affected hundreds of thousands of hectares of crops and vines in 10 of the country’s 13 regions. Across France, winemakers are now counting the losses after the unexpected cold. – We have never experienced anything like this wave of frost, said Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandie earlier this month. … Read more