the Supreme Court could also have violated Spanish laws

José Antonio Gómez. Article 83 of the Law on Consumers and Users indicates the following: «Abusive clauses will be null and void and will be considered unenforceable. For these purposes, the Judge, after hearing the parties, will declare the nullity of the abusive clauses included in the contract, which, however, will continue to be binding … Read more

The 2020 harvest closes with a lot of quality and the marketing of wine opens with few sales – Lanza Digital

Image of grape clusters from trellised vines / Clara Manzano Share on Facebook Share on twitter Share in mail Share on whatsapp The global health crisis has caused a decrease in exports and a slowdown in operations at the national level due to the closure of the HoReCa channel. Entities such as Asaja ask to … Read more

Breast cancer fundraiser in Tijuana with talk about wine

<p class="canvas-atom canvas-text Mb(1.0em) Mb(0)–sm Mt(0.8em)–sm" type="text" content="Drinking more than four glasses of wine a day can cause a heart attack, so it is recommended to limit your consumption to one or two drinks a day, said Dr. Homero Fuentes de la Peña at the “Wine and Health” conference, organized by the State Commission of … Read more

Zesta Punta, dishes and rose wine against breast cancer

Joining the pink october, the restaurant Zesta Punta and the chef Donovan Correa will have available throughout the month the pairing menu “Rosé all day”. There are two menu options, one consisting of five courses accompanied with rosé wine from Santo Tomás; and another simpler package consisting of a tapas plate with wine. “We propose … Read more

“Driver put the knife to my neck while he groped my sister”

THE HERALD learned of a case of theft inside a vehicle attached to a digital transport platform in Barranquilla. The victims were two young men aged 19 and 14, respectively. Due to this fact, the Police captured two subjects, who, allegedly, committed this crime. According to the victims, the transport service was requested through a … Read more

La Moneda explained a video in which President Sebastián Piñera appears shopping in a wine bar

During this day, it became viral through social networks a video in which President Sebastián Piñera appears shopping. According to the registry, spread mainly on Twitter, The President appears with a white shirt, matching pants and a mask, leaving one of the branches of La Vinoteca. According to various versions, the video would have been … Read more

Chile is more than a barbecue and a glass of wine

September begins experiencing the biggest pandemic in the last hundred years and we are already beginning to see what meat to buy, the best wine offer, where they sell the best pipeño or simply see where we will stomp if there will be no open restaurant. It is important to want to celebrate our national … Read more