He had a knife in the car. Police described why they shot a black man in front of children!

In a statement released by the Criminal Investigation Division under the Wisconsin Department of Justice, the incident arose from a domestic rift. Police officers according to CNN they arrived at the reported conflict in Kenosha on Sunday and tried to arrest 29-year-old Jacob Blake. They even unsuccessfully used a taser to pacify it. Then Blake … Read more

A fuss about a 17-year-old white boy who shoots 2 people during riots in Wisconsin: what exactly happened?

The shooting during the Wisconsin riots took place late Tuesday evening. The perpetrator, seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, has since been arrested and charged with murder. What his motives were remains to be investigated. What is striking: after the shooting, he leisurely walks towards the police without the officers picking him up. “If he were a black … Read more

Agent who shot Blake – Last Hour identified

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, AUG 27 – The Wisconsin authorities announced in a press conference that they had identified the policeman who shot seven shots in the back of African American Jacob Blake in Kenosha, seriously injuring him and sparking a new wave of protests after the death of George Floyd. This is Rusten Sheskey, an … Read more

Wisconsin: Investigators find knife in Jacob Blake’s car

The exact course of the incident around the police shots at Jacob Blake in the city of Kenosha (US state Wisconsin) is still unclear. However, according to the investigators, a knife has now been discovered in the African American’s car. The knife was found on the driver’s side interior floor, Wisconsin State Attorney General Joshua … Read more

The night of madness in Wisconsin: and now the NBA also stops

Two dead, one wounded and civil war scenes in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It is just past midnight between 25 and 26 August. A boy with a baseball cap turned backwards moves along Sheridan Road, in the center of the city, for the third consecutive night in no man’s land. He carries a long-barreled shotgun over his … Read more

Trump assigns additional law enforcement personnel to the troubled city of Wisconsin

“We will not suffer robbery, arson and arbitrariness on the streets of America,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Today I will send federal service law enforcement officers and the National Guard to Keno in Wisconsin to restore law and order!” Trump made the statement after talks with Wisconsin Governor Tony Yevers, who had announced the day … Read more

Wisconsin. Riots after Jacob Blake was shot by a policeman. Two people are dead | World news

On Sunday, a black man, Jacob Blake, was told by witnesses to try to separate the two fighting people. When she arrived at the place PoliceBlake walked towards the car. The moment he opened the door, one of the officers grabbed him by the shirt and shot him seven times in the back at very … Read more

Aerial shots of ravaged Kenosha. There is a state of emergency in the protracted Wisconsin

The shooting claimed one death and two wounded, Sheriff David Beth originally told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, but then it turned out that there were two victims. One shot was hit in the head shortly before midnight on Tuesday. The perpetrator is being searched. After watching various videos on social media, Beth said that at … Read more

Wisconsin police shoot black man in Kenosha – CNN

(CNN) — A man is fighting for his life after he was shot by a Kenosha Police Department officer in Wisconsin on Sunday afternoon. A video graphic supposedly from the shooting and was posted on Facebook, shows at least two police officers following the man with guns in hand as he walks from the passenger … Read more