Bianca was born, the first Cordoba baby from an authorized surrogate womb

More news from Córdoba Last Monday, October 19, Bianca was born at Laborde Hospital. From what is known, it is the first Cordovan baby that was conceived in the womb of a woman who generously lent her body so that Rocío Dassie (33) and Matías Urquiza (26) could have that daughter, with prior authorization from … Read more

Woman will give birth to her grandson: She lent her daughter the womb so she could have children

The story of Julie Loving Y Breanna Lockwood, has surprised on social networks. The 51-year-old woman decided to help her daughter with fertility problems, to bring her first child into the world, becoming a surrogate and carrying her future grandson. The event occurred in Illinois, United States, and has become a true act of love … Read more

LIVE | Baby in womb infected with coronavirus Inland

In France, a baby in the womb is infected with the coronavirus. According to the doctors, this is the first confirmed case in the world. The boy, born in March, had swollen brains and neurological symptoms that also appear in corona-infected adults. He has since recovered. Research had previously shown that it is possible that … Read more