Hackers attempted to penetrate WordPress on 1.7 million sites via leak | NOW

Hackers attacked 1.7 million sites running WordPress blogging software this week, cybersecurity firm reports Defiant. The company registered a million attempts to access WordPress sites on Friday alone. Defiant discovered a leak in WordPress’s File Manager plugin on September 1. WordPress’ parent company immediately fixed the leak, but many website administrators have not yet installed … Read more

Apple blocked WordPress app updates due to lack of in-app purchases – Tablets and Phones – News

WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg said he could no longer release updates to the iOS app unless Apple received a portion of the proceeds from paid WordPress plans. However, those packages are not sold through the iOS app at all. Mullenweg informed users on Friday via Twitter. Apple late opposite The Verge know that the block … Read more

Apple now requires in-app purchases in the WordPress app

In its voracious and frantic quest to snatch maximum commissions on in-app purchases, Apple has targeted a new victim: the app WordPress. The application, which allows you to manage a website using the WordPress editing platform, may not experience a significant update for a while, at least not until it is updated. s’engage not to … Read more

WordPress 5.5 has arrived, XML Sitemaps are well integrated! – SEO news and engines

WordPress launched yesterday its version 5.5 with, as expected, the native integration of XML Sitemap files. Here is some additional information on this subject … You know if you have a WordPress site that you follow day to day, yesterday was released version 5.5, code name “Eckstine”In honor of jazz musician Billy Eckstine. And – … Read more