New consoles and intergenerational games. Is it worth the jump to PS5 and Xbox Series now?

The new generation is right around the corner, and it comes with a good boost in power, promises of new features, and a scent similar to what new generations of graphics cards offer. What it means to make the leap on PC. Both PS5 and Xbox Series X want to become the best way to … Read more

Selling car boots and getting rid of an engine helped us buy the first four bed home worth £ 355,000.

Do me a favor: please SHARE this post. Military couple Nicola and Andy Patterson whipped their belongings for car boot sales and got rid of a car to cut expenses and save on bail. After 13 years in military shelter, the couple, now 35 and 40 years old, had decided to buy their own house, … Read more

They open the expansion memory to see if it is worth its price

VentureBeat has opened up a Seagate Xbox Series X expansion card to see if it’s worth the exorbitant price tag. The 1-terabyte expansion card sells for a not-so-modest $ 220, as revealed by an Internet leak some time before the expansion hit the market. That’s almost half the cost of an entire console, and fans … Read more

Esports: FIFA 21 explains what the dual version is and if it is worth buying the c

Updated 07/06/2020 at 11:27 am To avoid confusion, EA Sports announced the dual version – also known as Dual Entitlement – for the launch of FIFA 21. We tell you what it is about and if by buying the physical unit you can play in the digital version of PS5. The double version of FIFA … Read more

KuCoin hacker on the move; Stolen funds worth $ 665K transferred

According to a Pío By Whale Alert, some of the funds stolen during the KuCoin Hack last month are now moving again. The blockchain tracking platform reported that 1,814 ETH ($ 665,980) of the aforementioned funds were moved from the wallet in question, a wallet named “Kucoin Hack 2020 “, to an unknown wallet today. … Read more

Is this rival of the iPhone with pencil worth it?

Related news The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has passed without pain or glory in Spain; the most desired model is his ‘older brother’, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, a reference in the market of smartphones with Android. In all the years that I have been writing about technology, I have rarely come … Read more