Keeps the brain young, reduces the risk of cancer! Natural probiotic, for those who eat it every day…

Nutritional psychiatrist, brain specialist, and Harvard Medical School faculty member Dr. Uma Naidoo explained the food she consumes and the vitamin she takes regularly to keep her brain young and healthy. Dr. Uma Naidoo says, “As we age, the risk of developing neurological diseases increases. A question I often get from my patients is, ‘Which … Read more

Test your knowledge about opportunities for young people in the European Union! / Script

Yesterday, 10:36 am Authors: Children’s content editor During the European Year of Youth, the representation of the European Commission in Latvia engages young people in discussions, invites them to participate in contests and games, express their opinion and participate in the creation of a civically active society. To help people become aware of the … Read more

Young women trample the carpet of flowers in Brussels in the name of the climate

They carried a black banner with a message written in white: “The capitalists are ruining our world. Revolt now”. The young women were removed from the floor by two staff linked to the event, who were joined by two police officers. They have decided to trample on what they call a “carpet of dead flowers” … Read more

Are young people rightly jealous of wealthy baby boomers? ‘They have it better than boomers when they were young’

Baby boomers are the most prosperous generation ever. Today’s young people are not going to get that luxury, it is often said. But that doesn’t have to be the case at all, says economist Peter Hein van Mulligen. Baby boomers, born between 1945 and 1955, have made a giant leap in prosperity compared to the … Read more

What Happens to ‘Young People’ Being Injected with Parents’ Blood? Rats Give Evidence

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A study Recent studies have found that injecting parental blood into young children has an aging effect. It was known through several experiments on mice who are of different ages. Reported from Science Alert, a new experiment conducted on young mice showed they briefly age when scientists injected the blood of … Read more

A young man assaults an Egyptian girl in the middle of the street and drags her to a side place in order to have sexual intercourse with her.. But that was the end! (video)

2022/08/14 12:10 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite Social media users circulated a video clip, which was monitored by surveillance cameras from the Banilia market area, in the city of Kafr El-Dawwar, in the Beheira Governorate. The clip showed a young man getting in the way of a girl and assaulting her, throwing her to … Read more

SHOCKING, Bali United Following Persib’s Footsteps? Semeton Dewata Starts Reading CODE, This Young Coach Is Linked – SURPRISING, Bali United FOLLOW THE TRACK Persib? Semeton Dewata Starts Reading CODE, This Young Coach Is Linked. Bali United just got a bad result when playing at home. Bali United lost to Arema FC with a score of 1-2 at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Saturday, August 13, 2022 last night. … Read more

Who else? Celebrities keep quiet The chic couple didn’t survive – Young Kanchai also joined the Mount band!

Mount Sanan Celebrities keep quiet The chic couple did not survive – Young Kanchai also joined the Mount band. Tell me that you won’t be quiet because Black Ant Kachapha still knows!? It seems that during this time the entertainment industry has a story for legs to mount according to the taro uninterrupted, especially about … Read more