“I am the only young actress who wants to be in Cuba”

Cuban actress Andrea Doime bye participated as a presenter at the opening of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, where she declared that she is the only young actress who wants to be in Cuba. From an absolute seriousness that generated laughter in the auditorium, Andrea complained to those present in … Read more

Crisis help for young people, RSV vaccines, facial expressions and emotional balance – IQ – Magazin

IQ – Magazin Crisis help for young people, RSV vaccines, facial expressions and emotional balance Mental Health – How to better protect young people in crises? / RS virus in children – how far along is vaccine development? / Power of the corner of the mouth – How facial expressions influence our emotional balance.

Fantasy performed by a young Czech tennis player! He won the third tournament in a row

Currently the 478th ranked player, Menšík entered the match with Robert Strombachs excellently. He broke the opponent right at the start. After that, he didn’t take advantage of several other chances, but he didn’t have to regret it. He closed the first set with a clean serve. The second set was completely under the direction … Read more

Papa: The manger and the Christmas tree attract people young and old!

In the Vatican, the Pope expresses his gratitude to those who donated the manger and the Christmas tree in the square of St. Peter’s Basilica. Joey Kariveli, Vatican City The Pope said that the lit Christmas tree represents Jesus who comes to shine light in our darkness and often in the shadow of sin, fear … Read more

PSP detains seven young people for theft next to the Colombo Shopping Center

“The Lisbon Metropolitan Command of the PSP, through the 3rd Police Division, on December 2, 2022, at 6:40 pm, in the parish of Benfica, in Lisbon, proceeded to arrest, in flagrante delicto, seven young people aged 19, 18, 17, 16 and 14 years old, for being suspected of robbery on public roads”, this police force … Read more

The death of the young artist, Youssef Al-Adl.. and Khaled Al-Kamar: in the prime of his youth and yo

02:38 PM Saturday 03 December 2022 I wrote – Mona Al-Muji: Music composer Khaled Al-Kammar mourned, through his Facebook account, his friend, musician and author Youssef Al-Adl, who passed away a few hours ago. Alkmaar published a picture of Youssef, commenting, “The musician and author, the friend Youssef Al-Adl, has passed away in the glory … Read more

The sedentary generation – increasingly poor fitness among young people: “Ominous”

Local journalism when and where you want 8 weeks for SEK 8 With plus, you get access to all articles on the site and in our news app for SEK 8 for the first 8 weeks. Then words. price SEK 129/month without commitment period. E-magazine not included. You also get access to digital news from … Read more

South Korean player Cho Goo Sung is upset with young Arab women for this strange reason

The famous South Korean national team player, Cho Goo Song, expressed his great dissatisfaction with the fact that some young women got his personal number after appearing more during the current World Cup in Qatar. He stressed that he had to turn off his private phone because of the many offers of marriage that he … Read more