The brutal murder that shocks the United Kingdom: "I could hardly recognize his face."

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The brutal murder of Sara Sharif, the 10-year-old British girl found dead in her family home in Woking, caused a commotion in the United Kingdom in the middle of summer. A day before police found her body on August 10, her father Urfan Sharif had left for Pakistan with his second wife, Beinash Batool, and her five other children. leaving behind the battered body and life of the girl.

A month after the tragic event, the Pakistani police broke into the grandparents’ house in the city of Jhelum and took custody of the five children, in collaboration with the British police, who considers Ufan Sharif and Beinash Batool as suspects of the death of little Sara.

“I told Ufan and Beinash that they could go wherever they wanted, that the children would stay with me,” he told the BBC. Muhammad Sharif, the grandfather of the deceased girl. “Since the children arrived from the United Kingdom, they were with me and I didn’t leave them anywhere. No one had asked me about them until the police broke into the house.”

Muhamad Sharif assured that the spectacular police operation, blocking the street with dozens of officers and violently assaulting the house, has left the children, who refused to leave their grandfather, “dismayed.” The grandfather, who initially declared that he had not been in contact with his fugitive son, has also accused the police of “illegally detain” other family members.

Ufan Sharif and Beinash Batool are meanwhile missing. In a video released last week, the girl’s stepmother described Sara Sharif’s death as “an accident” and She assured that she was willing to collaborate with her husband with the British authorities.

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