The Colombian Juan de Castilla honors the memory of Fernando Botero in Madrid

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Fernando Botero received a letter about eight years ago from a retired bullfighter who told him about a young man from a poor neighborhood in Medellín called Castilla who dreamed of being a bullfighter. The lines described an illusion frustrated by the economic burden of crossing the pond, coming to Spain and developing the bullfighting career ‘here’. Botero, without having seen his countryman fight, became interested in this Colombian who this Sunday confirmed the alternative in Las Ventas. He paid for the plane ticket and two years of stay at the Guadalajara High Performance Center and had the satisfaction of seeing him take the alternative in Medellín. It was in January 2017 at the hands of Enrique Ponce with Roca Rey as a witness. That afternoon Juan offered a bull to the most international artist in Colombia died this Friday. Botero would have been proud of the way the only thin man among his bullfighters risked his life without tricks or cardboard.

De Castilla gave distance to the fifth, from Sobral to take advantage of the inertia of the serious bull named ‘Preso’. With the second muleta blow he looked for him with genius from below but the Colombian didn’t care as he fought completely, frankly settled. He challenged the bull with an extraordinary truth, always looking for the opposite piton. She charged righteously with a thrust. The request for an ear was back in the ring despite the majority’s rejection. In the one that opened the afternoon he showed his good hand against the weak mettle of the Partido de Resina, whom he hit with good muletazos. This time he didn’t see him with the sword.

He returned to Madrid as fighting director Octavio Chacón, performing his role very well. She resolved calmly before the first of his lot, a bull from Sobral with a spectacular coat and terrifying face. The bull looked around, did not move and waited with amusement. The Cádiz native explained with serenity. He wisely abbreviated with the Resin Party turkey that made fourth.

The shortlist was completed by Ángel Sánchez who signed good passages with his right hand against a very voluminous Collado Ruiz hat that obeyed although he lacked the race to really break. He was willing with the lackluster sixth of Partido de Resina that continually headed.

Las Ventas bullring. Second bull challenge of September. About 6,000 people. Three bulls from Sobral, very serious, that turned out to be complicated; two from the Resin Party (1st and 4th), without race; and a hat from Collado Ruiz (3rd bis), with good embroque for as long as it lasted.

Octavio Chacón, in Carmelite and gold;: lunge crossed lying, half lying crossed and six descabellos (ovation after two warnings); half a counter lunge and five madness (silence after warning).

Juan de Castilla, in white and gold, who confirmed the alternative: four punctures, a deep puncture and two absurdities (silence after two warnings); front lunge (return to the ring after asking for an ear).

Ángel Sánchez, of bone and gold: jab and thrust (ovation); two punctures and detached slingshot (palms).

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