The Court acquits the ETA member accused of murdering the former president of the PP of Aragón Giménez Abad

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The court of the National Court that has judged the murder of the president of the PP of Aragon Manuel Giménez Abad has agreed on Tuesday the freedom of the accused ETA member Miren’s Sea Knight.

The court explains that it adopts the decision “in view of what was agreed in relation to said defendant”, which means that the magistrates of the First Section consider that there is not enough evidence to convict the willow.

In its final report presented in court on Monday, the Prosecutor’s Office stated that it had “no doubt” that the two defendants were responsible for the murder of the leader popular.

The prosecutor in the case claimed for herself and for Asier Carrera Sarobe, Ata, 30 years in prison for terrorist murder. The now released prisoner was in prison, since June of last year, only for this accusation. This same Tuesday she will be released.

The Chamber has not made any decision regarding the other defendant and his situation does not allow us to deduce what the sentence will be for him. Ata He is at liberty serving firm sentences, so that, unlike the ETA member, the court does not need to order his release if he has opted for acquittal.

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