The day that Alexia Putellas, leader and "professional 10"enjoyed again

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A Alexia Putellas Football denied him everything when his knee failed him that summer of 2022 and, since then, he has been able to enjoy little, at least with the national team. At Gamla Ullevi she shook off all her demons, those of the battle for physical recovery and the one she had to fight on behalf of all the players, starting with her friend Jenni Hermoso. Putellas, tired and mentally exhausted after a chaotic month, appeared against Sweden to lead Spain, dominate the game, even give the Swedes a pass and show that this team has a star, on the Catalan’s chest and boots.

I should have worn the bracelet captain, as reported by UEFA, but performed the role without him. “She was the most voted in the locker room, but you already know what she is like and she told me to take it myself,” he revealed. Irene Paredes. Alexia doesn’t need that symbol. She took care of the football, the previous banner, which she displayed, and even hugging Athenea del Castillo after the first goal, a symbol of unity.

«Today I saw a different Alexia, she enjoyed it. She is a professional 10 and, as soon as he has been able to focus on football, he has shown everything he gives us. These are the praises that he gave her Montse Tomé. The coach debuted with a victory, as unexpected as it was deserved. She hugged each other before and after the game with all her staff. They know they take air.

«He had a lot of confidence in me. I just needed them to let me work. I didn’t feel pressure, but rather the desire to start doing what we want: training and thinking about football.. Above all, I am happy for them,” she pointed out before remembering that she had asked the players several times about her physical condition and clarifying that she is not Jorge Vildasomething that was visualized with the commitment to Laia Aleixandri as a center back and as a partner of Irene Paredes.

For the veteran player, the victory only brought out who they are. «It was not the best moment nor are we in the best conditions, but jumping onto the pitch is what frees us. “It’s what we’re here for and what we know how to do best, so we’ve enjoyed it,” said the veteran Barça centre-back, very happy with the three points that put them at the head of a group where they must finish first to dream of being Olympic.

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