The fight against the fire in Tenerife was last night "hard but with very effective results"

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Last night has been very positive in the work of extinction of the forest fire Tenerife thanks to more favorable weather conditions than initially expected. During the early morning they have achieved stabilize some areas and “throughout the morning some residents could return to their homes”, as revealed this Sunday by the president of the Cabildo, Rosa Davila.

“The night has been very hard but the result has been very positive,” explained Dávila, who stressed that the “greatest deployment of firefighters in the history of Tenerife” has been carried out. Thanks to the tireless work of a total of 343 troops on the ground, of which 150 firefighters fought together with the Military Emergency Unit, “we should not regret the loss of homes.”

In the same line, Fernando Clavijo has offered an optimistic perspective. “It is a very different scenario from the one we faced yesterday,” said the Canarian president, who stressed that the weather had contributed during the early morning. “The relative humidity increased and helped in the extinction work”, he stated before celebrating that “what has happened has been a miracle”.

According to the latest damage from last night, the forest fire spreads through 10 municipalities, although evacuations have been carried out in 11with an area of ​​almost 8,400 hectares in a very wide perimeter, with 70 kilometers. The authorities have clarified that the real number of people evacuated is estimated at 12,279once the data has been provided by the city councils and security forces, apart from the census, which reflects a higher figure.

This Sunday, a total of 23 aerial means They will fight during the day against the flames of the fire.

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