The first phase of the Fukushima water spill will end on Monday

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The first phase of the release into the sea of ​​treated wastewater from Fukushima that has enraged china It will conclude on Monday as planned, the operator of the affected Japanese nuclear plant announced.

Radioactive tritium levels in seawater samples tested near the plant in northeast Japan were within safe limits, Tepco said in a statement Thursday night.

Japan on August 24 began dumping into the Pacific some of the 1.34 million tons of sewage that has accumulated since a tsunami rendered the plant inoperable in 2011.

Japan insists the spill is safe, a view supported by the UN atomic agency, but China banned all imports of seafood from its neighboraccusing him of treating the sea as a “dump”.

Announcing the end of the first phase of the release of 7,800 tons of water on September 11, Tepco did not give a date for the start of the second discharge.

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