The fourth heat wave of the summer arrives that will put half of Spain at 40 degrees

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a new one arrives hello of heatthe fourth this summer, which, according to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), will probably last until next Wednesday and will put the 36 provinces by high temperatures.

The thermometers began to ascend their gauges on the afternoon of this past Saturday in the southwestern part of the Peninsulainfecting the rest of the Spanish territory on Sunday, except the southeast, the Andalusian Mediterranean coast and the Cantabrian Sea, where there will be a drop in mercury.

Thus, this Sunday it is probable that the 38 or 40 degrees in the middle of the Ebro, depressions in the northeast, south of the Pyrenees, extreme northeast of Catalonia, the Guadalquivir valley and western Andalusia, without ruling out that these values ​​may also be reached locally in points of the Guadiana valley and low areas of the center of the peninsula.

In addition, the 36 or 38 degrees in the interior of the peninsula, except in Galicia and the northwest of Castilla y León.

Aemet indicates that Monday and Tuesday will be the peak days of the episode. It is probable that 40 degrees will be reached or exceeded in large areas of the southwestern and northeastern quadrants of the peninsula, and 36 or 38 degrees in the interior of the peninsula, Mallorca and southern Galicia, without ruling out that they also extend to points in the southeast.

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