The heat wave continues in Madrid and in 14 other communities

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Excepting the Cantabrian y southeast shorelinethe heat wave that hits Spain will continue one more day alert to the country with values ​​of up to 42 degrees y fourteen communities under noticeof which ten are in orangeespecially the northeast and the western fringe of the territory.

Starting at noon they will activate the Orange alert sweltering heat the following communities: Andalusia, Aragon, both Castillas, Catalonia, Extremadura, Galicia, Madrid, Navarra and La Riojaaccording to the predictions of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

On the other hand, in yellow level will be baleareswith maxima of 37 degrees At mallorca; and likewise Canary Islandscon 34 degrees on several islands; the rioja alavesa (Basque Country), with 39 degreesand also Valencia y Castelloncon 36 degrees.

Estremadura will be able to reach 42 degrees in Las Vegas del Guadiana (Badajoz) as well as in Extremadura Siberia, and these levels will also be reached in Tajo and Alagón (Cáceres).

In large areas of the community of Extremadura the nights will be very hotwith values ​​of 22-24 degreesaccording to Aemet.

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