The Israeli Army has the "challenge" about what "the war against Hamas does not leave the Gaza Strip"

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3,600 kilometers away from the epicenter of the war in the Middle East, the Israeli Embassy in Spain refuses to give details of the military operation that its Army is preparing to avenge the terrorist attack on October 7 against civilians, but they do outline with clarify what the “challenge” it faces is: “Trying to ensure that the war with Hamas does not leave the perimeter of the Gaza Strip.”

According to the person in charge of this diplomatic legation in Madrid, Rodica Radian-Gordon, there is currently a “very great motivation” on the part of other nations in the area, with Iran at the forefront, to “try to open more borders with Israel.” “And, of course, there is a motivation to show that we are not talking about a political struggle, but also a religious war (…), of a call to the entire Muslim world to fight against the Jews,” he argued in a telematic meeting with journalists this Wednesday.

The Israeli ambassador in Spain has pointed out that, “of course, Hamas is not the Palestinian people”, but has stressed that the demonstrations that are taking place in favor of their cause “on all sides, in the Arab countries, in Europe and in other places”, they generate “a lot of concern”. To which she added: “We understand that they are false calls, but they have a lot of power and incite, and we are going to enter a very dangerous wave (…). This worries us a lot.”

Raidan-Gordon has also assured that “Israel does not have a plan for all Palestinians to leave the Strip”, which “is another lie” of those that, he maintains, are being spread about the conflict. He has also argued that when the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu “asked the civilian population” to leave Gaza City “it indicated two safe routes and indicated exactly the times” because, he stressed, they consider that “the more civilian deaths [haya] It’s a catastrophe.”

“The intention is not for Gazans to go out to Sinai, the intention is to fight Hamas inside Gaza City and, as we are talking about a very dense urban area, the idea was for citizens who are not involved in this fight to go out so as not to be killed. It is a very cruel dilemma, perhaps, between staying in their home or fleeing, but the idea is that they survive, not that they die inside their homes. And that is why the call was for them to leave,” argued the ambassador in Spain.

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