The judge demands data from Instagram for his investigation into the threats to Abascal during the Big Week in Bilbao

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The judge of the National Court Joaquín Elías Gadea has complained to the company Metaowner of the network Instagram, key information to advance the investigations into the authorship and distribution of the posters against the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal. These posters featured the image of the political leader with a shot in the back of the head.

The magistrate took charge of the complaint filed by Vox last August for the dissemination of these posters on social networks on the occasion of an alternative concert during the Bilbao Big Week.

The complaint presented at the National Court ended up in the hands of Judge Gadea, who commissioned the State Security Forces to provide a detailed report on the preparation and distribution of those posters as well as information on the concert that was called with that poster.

The events are being investigated as alleged crimes of threats, hatred and glorification of terrorism. In his car, to which he has had access THE WORLDthe judge details: “During the festivities of Bilbao’s Semana Grande and outside the official program of the City Council, the musical festival ‘Kallejero’ was planned to be held on August 22, 23 and 24. The call for these three days of alternative concerts was produced by disseminating three posters through digital media and social networks, one for each day of the event.

The poster corresponding to the call for the 24th is the one that, specifically, refers to Santiago Abascal. In it you can see a photographic montage in which the figure of the complainant appears prominently, represented in black and white, standing out against the background, which appears more blurred and in green tones. The background is taken from a photograph of the US president John Fitzgerald Kennedy moments before being murdered by a shot to the head while sitting in the back seat of the presidential vehicle. Furthermore, the chosen figure of the whistleblower has a pose very similar to that of John F. Kennedy in the original photo. In the representation made on the poster, a splash of blood is also observed coming from the back of Abascal’s head, simulating the effects of a gunshot, also reminiscent of the way in which the protagonist died. of the photo that the montage is intended to emulate,” indicates the judicial text.

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