The judge opens an oral trial against the PP Interior leadership for ‘Operation Kitchen’

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The judge of the National CourtManuel García Castellón has opened an oral trial against the former PP Interior leadership for launching the so-called ‘Operation Kitchen’ to spy on and steal documentation from the former ‘popular’ treasurer Luis Barcenas. The instructor of the case thus places the former Minister of the Interior during the Government of Mariano Rajoy on the bench, Jorge Fernandez Diazand whoever was his Secretary of State, Francisco Martínez, among others. In its resolution it rejects considering the PP responsible for profit, as requested by the PSOE when it considered this request to be untimely.

The judge warns of the possible commission of the crimes of discovery and disclosure of secrets, prevarication, bribery, omission of the duty to prosecute crimes, influence peddling, embezzlement, concealment or obstruction of Justice. Among the former senior officials who will sit in the dock are the former deputy director of operations (DAO) of the National Police, Eugenio Pinoand a good part of his subordinates, among whom is the former Commissioner of Internal Affairs, Marcelino Martin Blasthe commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo or the former head of the Central Operational Unit (UCAO), Enrique García Castaño. The latter suffered a stroke and is incapable of being tried, as forensic experts have already certified.

In parallel, Judge García Castellón imposes a bail of 120,000 euros for Fernández Díaz, Martínez and Pino and 100,000 euros for Villarejo and Sergio Ríos, Bárcenas’ driver, who will also be prosecuted for having been a key player in the parapolice operation. .

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