The judge requests three years of bank movements from the room where ‘Tito Berni’ left 11,000 euros in one night

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the judge of mediator case has requested the bank movements since January 2020 of various accounts related to the activities of the plot. Among them, those of the hotel restaurant where the former Socialist deputy Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo was staying at Madrid.

It is the hotel where Tito Berni celebrated “parties” with prostitutes paid by businessmen who sought the favors of the plot in Canary Islands. The judge’s resolution accedes to the Treasury’s request to track the last three and a half years of movements in the account of that location, in which movements have been detected that she considers relevant to the case.

In particular, the judge focuses on what happened in April 2021, coinciding with one of those parties. In the local payment terminal, “there are two payments from an alleged party on 04/14/2021 linked to the POS of the La Carmela Restaurant located in the Victoria hotel where the former deputy is staying for an amount of €7,800 and €3,000” .

The investigated payment terminal is in the name of the company Resdibar SL, which operates the restaurant with “two forks, cafeteria and theater”.

The party was attended by, among others, the businessman Miguel Poveda Sierra, “that he would pay for that party where company service would be given at the hotel”. The businessman had been “that morning with Curbelo in the Congress of Deputies.” In a chat located by the investigators, Poveda Sierra shows the payments to another businessman along with the text: “It’s incredible.”

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