The lawyers of La Fonda Milagros charge against the Murcia City Council and warn of their "patrimonial liability for inaction"

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It dawns calmly in the leisure area of Watchtowers of Murcia. The police cordon that guarded the entrance to the Isla Cristina street has moved about 50 meters closer to the nightclubs that were burned during the early hours of Sunday that claimed the lives of 13 people. On the ground rest the candles of the tribute to the victims that the Latin people organized yesterday in the shape of a tree and a mourning ribbon.

While the specialists of the Scientific policewhich the National Police Corps dispatched from the central police station in Madrid and that they managed to access the zero zone of the incident after receiving the green light from the firefighters of the City Council of the regional capital, working to investigate the causes and origin of the fire, the lawyers of La Fonda Milagros, Francisco Adam y Francisco Javier Verdúhave charged against the accusations of the City Council that the premises did not have an opening license.

“There is no order of closure or cessation of activity that we or our clients are aware of,” stated Verdú, who has spoken before the cloud of cameras for the first time. “The opening and activity license is a mandatory document that the law requires you to have and display to the public at all times. That license, therefore, has burned during the fire. What we are doing now is obtaining from the advisors who carried the company’s documentation,” he added.

Given the mutual accusations between the adjacent premises, La Fonda and the room theaterRegarding the lease contracts, the lawyer has made it clear that the lease contract that his client has “is one for a functioning premises with an opening license”, which is in charge of managing the owner of the warehouse.

Francisco Adán, the lawyer in charge of the defense of Fonda Milagros, has stressed that what the premises had “was an initial license for the entire block. When the division was made, the premises were rented with the corresponding license and “The arrangements were made at the time.”

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